Kingston or Evelyn

Who would you choose. I would like both but can’t decide. My other max green is Tarlak and Alby. Would like Eve but Only snipers are 4*. So should I go for Kingston instead? Both are 3.70

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Couple of questions that would sway my thoughts…

What titan? Eve is usable at 3/70 for her elemental D drop with probably 12* and below. So I’d max Kingston.

Either one on your D? If not, I’d almost lean towards Eve since you can optimize other 4* heroes you have to pair with her for raids.

They’re both hella-good heroes. Not sure you can go wrong with either choice.


With all that being said and good valid points I’d go evelyn


Evelyn because she’s the only elemental defense dropper in green.


Personally, I’d max Kingston over Evelyn solely because Kingston really needs to hit 80 to hit his full potential; his attack down would work just fine at 3/70, but since he’s a sniper at heart, he’d need to hit 80 to be of any use in that department.

Whereas with Evelyn, even though she does attack, chances are you’re not using her just for that. & Her dispel and elemental defense down will work the same at 3/70 as it does at 4/80, so not as crucial to max. Like stated above, only reason to do her over Kingston would be for more survivability, or in order to place her on your defense team, but if you already have other dispellers you can place on defense, then that’ll make your decision even easier (Kingston)

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Cha ching

And she’s a 5* dispeller

You’ll run into plenty of this or that choices with snipers, kingston wont be the last green snipe we ever see

But evelyn will most likely be a once in a lifetime max and done decision as a green elemental debuffer

Once she’s done, she’s done and removed forever from your this or that choices as u only need 1 green elemental d dropper


How’s yours doing btw?

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She’s chillin on the beach in atlantis waitin for me to pick her up. I’d say she’s doin swell but will be better when she gets to see my deck


No. Alby is on my defense and I don’t have emblems for either. And I fight 12* titans and do ok.

I have used Evelyn at 3.70 for a long time and she is good. She’s not durable but good. I’d like to up her survivability but would Kingston be usable at 3.70?

But don’t you also need snipers around her to be most effective? My best is Caedmon.

Evelyn would be more useable at 3/70 than Kingston solely because Kingston’s main purpose is to snipe and kill, where Evelyn’s is to support another hero so they can do the same.

If you’re fighting 11*+ titans, then upping Evelyn might be in your best interest if that’s where your priorities lie in order for her to survive. However, for overall versatility, I’d still go Kingston. Especially since you have no 5* snipers maxed, I truly believe he’ll do you more good than Eve. Evelyn works better with other maxed offensive greens, and Kingston could be that, but he’d need to be maxed first.


Honestly man i have no idea

I’m one of the few people on the forum that maxes my titan heroes and 1 of the few on my team that doesnt have craft mat or resource woes

Evelyn makes every green in ur roster better
Saves you resources on keeping her alive at 3/70 on titans
Heals your greens on titans and pvp
Dispells 3

Kingston hits hard

So that’s really all i can add


Yup! I just hope that they give us another new one, since my chances of pulling the lovely Evelyn are not very high next month :frowning:

I would also go with Evelyn, however, I don’t think that Kingston would be a wrong choice. Mainly because Evelyn will still work on titans at 3/70.

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I agree. This is why I think I’ll go ahead and do Kingston first. By maxing him I can use both but if I max eve I’ll probably never use a 3.70 Kingston until I get 6 more tonics for him

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I really like this take. There might eventually be a hero that compares to Kingston that you might prefer over him. With Evelyn I dont think you’ll ever have the same issue so I’d choose her first. I’m indecisive so I’d rather max the unique hero that I know I wont regret.

But really no matter what you decide it will be a win/lose situation because both heroes are great.

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Up Kingston.

Just imagine firing both and what is the total damage.

3/70 Eve + max Kingston = optimal damage
Max Eve + 3/70 Kingston = subpar damage


Not really

If she only effected special skills, sure. But she drops defense vs tiles and special skills

Do u need snipers around tarlak for him to be effective? Nope, just need the tiles.

Caedmon will hit harder with evelyn, and so will a 3/70 kingston, and as will any other 3/70 4/70 4/80 3/60 green u wanna use

Like i said, evelyn makes every green in ur deck better. Sure her skill is same at 3/70, but her durability isn’t.

Let’s put it like this:

3/70 kingston dies and leaves u with a 4/80 evelyn left, u still have a fighting chance(I’ve won matches with just frida or falcon standing)

3/70 evelyn dies and leaves you with a 4/80 kingston vs more than 1 opponent, it’s a loss. 1 sniper vs more than 1 opponent is pretty much dead in the water without a super cascade or a good amount of tiles to ghost to fire more than once before death

Anyways at the end of the day, it’s your roster and your game. All i can do is spout nonsense about what i would do from my point of view

Happy gaming


I played with Evelyn at 3/70 for a long time, I confirm her durability is less than optimal.

Honestly it’s a tough decision, as both have good reasons to be maxed first. I am slightly inclined toward Kingston: as many said, Evelyn’s special can work at 3/70, while Kingston would not be as effective as if he would be completely ascended.

There is no wrong decision, you’ll do good in any case

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I’d choose Evelyn. Or I’d flip the coin. Or I would flip the coin to decide if I go for choosing or for flipping the coin.


Evelyn for me–because she makes all of your other greens better and is invaluable on Titans. The only time I might choose Kingston was if he was one of my first five 5-star heroes and I needed him for war/raid defense.

Both are great heroes, though–so it’s a wonderful problem to have. I just personally look at team composition and titans before considering other factors. Being able to pair with two other greens in a 3 stack makes for a nasty attack team–even if the other threes are Caedmon, Melendor, Hansel, etc… you’re going to be able to challenge a lot of the Aegir/etc. tank teams that are common in high platinum, low diamond wars.

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Yup. It depends on roster anyhow. I still use Margaret instead of Tarlak or Gregorion on my mono green. Even if she is rated C or F by most. :rofl:

It’s just a matter how well the heroes play with each other.

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