Second 5* purple?

Greetings to all!
After following previous advice, I now have a healthy roster of 4* and maybe it is time to move to 5*.

My maxed purple heroes are:
Kage +5
Rigard (+costume) +8

I am wondering whom, from the following heroes, you think It’s best to work on.
Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης (3)

My other purple 4* are
Sabina 3.60
Fura 1.40
Ametrine 1.1

Thanks again for all the great advice you have given me so far! It made me understand and enjoy the game better!!

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Bera or Alfrike. Personally leaning towards Bera. You have sniper in Kage already so Sartana and Domitia are not that useful (well, they are useful still but you should aim for variety now), and MT is fun but bit a niche (plus you have healer in C-Rigard), so she’s for later.

Personally I would say Alfrike. She’s a stone cold killer and you can get her to slow mana with a level 23 mana troop. She will also be a nightmare for vfast wars.

Can Bera or Alfrike replace Kage in my defence team?( I don’t have many leveled 5*). What I am currently using are from left to right:

Kage - Kiril (will be replaced from Thorn or Isarnia) - Heimdall-Marjana-Poseidon.

I know that defence isn’t super important but it would be nice if a hero can be good at both attacking and defending

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