Help with 5* Red and Purple heroes

Hi everyone!

I hope this can be my turn to ask for some advice :upside_down_face:

I’ve recently been very lucky with my summons and pulled quite a few great 5* red and purple heroes.

I currently have Maxed Puss, Queen and Elizabeth. I am working on Octros (who will get the mats and replace Elizabeth in my defence team). I can max one more red 5* but can’t decide between:

Black Knight
Lady Loki

My maxed purple heroes are Freya, Alfrike and Ursena; I’m working on Xnolphod - I assume he will be finished by tomorrow!
My options for last set of asc mats are:

Dr Moreau

I can max one more red and purple but can’t make up my mind!

For emblems, all I have is barbarian emblems (black knight!!)

These are my heroes


I would really appreciate some advice.

Thanks everyone for your time and help :blush:



Tbh I would max Lewena and BK (first take Zenobia to 3^70 for titans).

Personally I prefer damage that isn’t based on tiles for offense and I think that Lewena is comparable to Octros.

For purple I would max Lepiota, she is good mana control, not great for defense but you already have purple defensive heroes.


In red I would definitely do black knight.
I don’t see a taunt hero in your rooster and those are just so good on offense.
Those emblems waiting for him are just bonus. :+1:

In dark probably lepi. I don’t have her, but all those I know who play with her, love her.
Bera would be nice but you have freya so you don’t need her super urgent.
The Dr is also nice, but I think lepi can help against nasty enemies better.


20 characters of agreeing :slight_smile:


As @Radar1 said. Levana instead of octros is something I could agree with. I faced her a few times and she is just devastating.
Octros on defense can be countered by taking red with you, normally you than play this color and he does less damage, and on offense it’s even harder.


Thanks @Radar1

BK then :turtle:

Although Queen is a taunt hero, I agree he is superior

Thanks so much

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I’m so glad, I decided to ask for help!

Thanks so much @ferg

I’ll do BK and Lepiota and work on Lewena as the next project

Me sorted for awhile :blush:


Agree with others Bk n lepiota…
With puss n queen can use them for a offensive war team and Bk on another can mix yah hero’s to work for a stronger teams.


Thanks @Dudeious.Maximus :turtle:


Like others have mentioned, I too agree BK and Lepiota are the best choices. When I pulled Krampus, that was such a huge gamechanger for me. Taunt heroes really change your team dynamics up. Lepiota is such a great counter-hero.

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I’m hopping on the Knight/Lepiota train as well. Would love to have both of those!


Thanks @Atmosfear and @Chadmo

Now I have a plan :blush:


I’d max BK and Lepiota as well.

BK is undeniable superior than QoH, but I like the fact that they get the taunt in a different way.


@Luna …. In my honest opinion, for your Red 5*, I would improve your Taunt capability and max out Black Knight - 100%.
And the same as others have already said my vote for Purple goes to Lepiota.
Whichever hero you choose, I wish you tons of luck

PS: if you don’t want/need Mother North, can I have first call on her please …


Thanks sooooo much @Silencio

Looks like BK and Lepiota are clear winners

Then Lewena

Appreciate everyone’s help


Thanks @JGE

I’ve ran out of likes hours ago (I know, I know!!! It’s a pain) so apologies, I can’t like anyone’s post for the next 8 hours!

Yes, it looks like BK is the clear winner and I’m lucky I’ve got nearly 1500 barbarian emblems (he’s gonna be my first 5* barbarian!)

For MN; I will max her at some point but I’m not in desperate need of a healer as I have Toxicandra!
I was hoping maybe I would be lucky again and get Frigg from this Valhalla!!! Obviously, it turns out I was just daydreaming! No Frigg :cry:
So I’ll use my forth Damascus blade for MN (and the last damascus blade will go to Finley)
:innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Look at my greens!!!
Tarlac Toxicandra MN and Heimdall
And no damage dealers! Never mind, it is RNG at its finest :dizzy:


I don’t even see her rooster!


I can just agree with others BK + Lepoita.

About your greens
I would be happy to have any of them :slight_smile:


Thanks @PlayForFun

I’ll give my green heroes to you and @JGE then :turtle:

But I’m keeping Tarlak :green_heart:


Which part you can’t see @Rduke77 ??

Haha I just realised it’s kind of a silly question! If you can’t see, you can’t tell :upside_down_face: