Ascending purple 5*

Hi everyone!
I’m in serious trouble… In the last few month I got flushed with purple 5* heroes. Can anyone help me by chosing two of these to max next?

Thanks in advance and kind regards

How will you use them? Are they both intended for offense? One for defense? Also, who are your other maxed 5* purple? And, if you plan on using one for defense then it would be helpful to know who else is on your defense.

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1 vote for Freya here. I find her terribly annoying when raiding against her, both in tank and flank position (I’m F2P I’ve got no wide roster to choose).
Then Clarissa that I have and find her particularly useful. I don’t know about the ninja or could also be Sartana if you don’t have enough snipers in your teams

  1. Freya (extremely useful everywhere
  2. Onyx insanely strong on offense

honorable mention Clarissa and Sartana

the others…meh

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Onyx is very interesting. He hits for damage, dispels buffs and prevents buffs for 3-5 turns.
And based on the charges, you can use him to target 1,3 or 5 enemies.
You’d use 1 charge against Tyr for example, to clear the resurrection
Or 2 against counterattacking heroes
Or 3 against Mitsuko or Regeneration

Onyx, then onyx again, then onyx some more.

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I’m in the same boat.

Here are my maxed purples.

And here are the candidates

I’m leaning towards Onyx or Marie-Therese. I’ve been wanting to max Marie-Therese for a long time but she keeps getting pushed down the queue. Victor is new from the current event. I’m still not sure how the ninja heroes will hold up just yet. Not enough experience or information. But I may max him because of his brutal strength.

Not to keen on Clarissa. Grimble is starting to fin his usefulness, but I’ve got Gefjon, so I’d rather steal the minions. Hel would be a duplicate. I’d rather have something new first.


That purple roster is disgusting! I have exactly ZERO of the heroes you have maxed. All 9 are spectacular.

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You’ve got a good amount of purple firepower already. Marie Therese as great support would be next imo. I have her at +19 and love her. Use her as flank on my raid def which holds up quite well. Her def buff does a good job of keeping heroes alive while her heal does it’s thing. Plus, she has great tile damage and her zombie revive has won more than a few battles for me. Vastly underrated hero all in all. Also, with her tile damage she always goes to titans as well for me.

I have maxed Seshat, Killbunny+20 and Alfrike+20. Killbunny and Alfrike are both in my def, so i dont need another purple

alright, thanks mate. though about the same (more fan of wolf than freya tho) :wink:

lol haha. 20chars-thx

hou-leee crap… damn, thats some good amount of (maxed) purple 5* lol. is there any you dont have?

I’d do Onyx then Freya

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Went with Onyx. Too good to pass up.

Here are all my maxed purples now.



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Come on, @wick_dawg. Stop flexing. I only have 3 of your maxed dark legendaries (Kage, Panther and Seshat) and only 5 of your 3/70 heroes (3/70 Kunchen, maxed Sartana w/o costume, maxed Clarissa, maxed Domitia and her costume, and unleveled Zulag).

Damn, must have cost you a fortune getting them. You make me feel inadequate and inept. But nice roster though.

IMO, levelling Onyx and Clarissa.

Clarissa give link elemental bonus to Onyx and both are super fast heroes!

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Not as much as you think. I’m insanely lucky with my pulls. I only spent a good deal of money chasing Gravemaker in Atlantis, which I got. I haven’t chased any other hero.

When I started, Hel was the first 5* I received. I didn’t really know wheat I was doing at that point, so I got really lucky, knowing now that she’s one of the best heroes in the game. Ursena was my second 5*. I must have joined during Atlantis a couple years ago

I gather you are lucky with ascension materials as well??

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