Becoming frustrated

Help needed please. I’ve been playing this game for 9months now and have got to the point where my enthusiasm is wavering. I know it takes time to build a very good team but I feel I’m doing somethings that slowing down my progress. I have tried various teams when fighting, but never seem to get the correct combination. Can anyone point me in the direction of a solid defense team, attack team etc etc. All help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Here are my team…

For attack team, try to use 3-2 combination. 3 heroes whose color is strong against enemy’s tank and 2 heroes whose color is strong against one of enemy’s flanks or any hero you considet a threat.

You have a great team.

Don’t ever use Boril and Wilbur together though…

Max your Boldtusk and Kiril, they are great 4*.

Kiril+Grimm+Sonya/Magni is a great combo, no enemy will survive that, good against red tank.

Your dispeller is only Sabina and Evelyn (only dispel 3), you can have more dispeller if you max Sonya and Caedmon.

Evelyn + Caedmon is a good combo, you can add Buddy for more devastating damage but you will need more green puzzles as Buddy is average speed. Or you can make the triple green with Melendor to fight blue tanks such as Boril which require dispel.

For red combo you can use Wilbur+Colen/Azlar but it would be better if you have maxed Boldtusk, it will be Wilbur+Boldtusk+Colen/Azlar and all of your enemies perished.

I run 3-2 combo of Proteus+Rigard+Sabina & Grimm+Sonya and I am very satisfied with the result, they were not maxed, still at 3300 but in the last tournament they beat team between 3500-3800 many times and put me in top 1%. This team also have no problem against Kasshrek Tank even though they are consist of 2 blues and zero red.

Don’t you raise 3* for challenge event and raid tournament?


Thank you, one day I will understand it all.

Btw, what is your current defense team?


Unfortunately no it is…

Two red (flank+tank) with yellow flank is a prime target for my team, if you don’t use rainbow, never use color which have dupes as tank… For example, as you have two reds, by using one as tank, you will invite attacker who stack blue heroes… especially as they are side by side…

Try the defense team I mentioned earlier and compare the result.


Again… much appreciated.

Welcome to the forum @eddyescort7. You have some great hero’s and I’m not going to offer advice on your hero roster - @yelnats_24 has that covered. (I’ve been playing since January).

However, there are also some great alliances with very knowledgeable people that could continue to help you build your hero roster. I’ve been very fortunate in this area. I hope your enthusiasm gets restored.

Good luck.


Thank you. Will persevere.

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Did you mean:
Li Xiu, Boril, Little John, Drake Fong, Tiburtus?

I would swap the position of Boril and Little John as Boril at flank is not really threatening.

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First, you have a real nice set of heroes there and everything you need to go to high platinum after the right heroes are leveled up.

For offense you have 2 very strong colors with Purple and green.

I had a lot of sucess with a purple core of Sabina, Tiburtus and Proteus.

In your case Sabina would be Rigard plus the pulverizer Tiburtus and the incredible Proteus.

As an off Color healer I would recommend Melendor or Kiril and if you want to go 3-1-1 you could add Wilbur to the fray.

Point is you keep your purple core and adjust the other 2 heroes according to the needs the other team dictates.

Defense: Never place 2 heroes of the same color besides each other if possible.

Try to have a rainbow team or only one doubled color if possible.

Wilbur is not optimal on defense because he can be abused.

Wu Kong is squishy on defdence, easyly countered and if he gets off a gamble.

Boril tank should take you to around 2100 Cups on defense.

You could try Boril flanked by Sumitomo and Colen with Sabina in the left wing and Evelyn in the right wing or


Play around and see what happens.


Top priority should go to your attackers probabely in purple and green or red.

Get Proteus maxed asap. then check your ascencion mats if a green, purple or red attack core is easyer to level.

Actually if you gogo for a red attack core then Boldtusk would be a priority.

You see there are many poibilities hiden in your roster. Play around, try different combos and find the teams that fit best your playstyle.

May the RNG-gods always smile on you. :smile:


Grimm, Proteus, Magni, Rigard, Kiril (all maxed) would be a nice attack team with which I’d take on any maxed 5* red center team.


Thank you. All this new information just might tip my enthusiasm back. Look forward to trying all these possibilities.

It seems to be lost in translation… anyone speak Russian?

Another silly question… why are the heroes placed in those positions???

On defense (and autoplay), the heroes (if all specials are ready) fire from left to right. So it is useful to have heroes adding buffs or debuffing more on the left and the hitters more on the right (so they can benefit from the others). In the middle most of the tile damage is done, so there should be a hero with high HP and/or high defense. And last, but not least, the mana speed is also important, a hitter with slow speed in the corners may not fire at all, because the mana regeneration is also dependent on tile hits - the more your defending hero is hit by tiles, the more mana he gains. The color problem has been mentioned before - best is, not to put the same color together, but to pair strong and weak color.

In offense, I love Kiril, Wilbur and Wu Kong (first Kiril, then Wilbur, Wilbur brings more attack) and some AoE-hitters. When Wilbur and Wu Kong have fired, the enemies are pulverized very fast.
On strong bosses with direct damage, I like a riposter, I have Cyprian, you have Boril, I’ve seen, so the bosses kill themselves :wink:

Edit: oh you have Proteus :slight_smile: I heard, he should be VERY useful against bosses…


Oh I know it, its Boldtusk :joy:

You are fielding:
Li Xiu - Boril - Little John - Boldtusk - Tiburtus, right?

If I were you, I will swap the position of Boril and Little John, followed by swapping Boldtusk and Little John. Boldtusk is better as left flank than right flank so the attack buff will be up before Little John fire. Swapping Li Xiu and Tiburtus position is also a good option, you will want the enemy get defense debuff before Little John fire. While Tiburtus will benefit if Boldtusk placed on his left side, putting Boldtusk who heal and buff at the corner will be a waste as he might get too late to fire, you will want the heal and buff go up quickly so he should remain at flank:

Tiburtus - Boldtusk - Boril - Little John - Li Xiu


and one last silly question…
When on Raid are we fighting with a defence team or an attacking team??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

We are fighting against opponent’s defense team with the team of our choice. We can chose our defense team to attack or we can chose to use other team, just swipe it left or right for another pre-assigned team.


Ok. Thanks, that makes sense.

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