Which of these 3* heroes do you think could be useful?

I’ve got a few 3* heroes sitting idle just in case they might find a use some day, and I’m wondering if I should level any of them and what I could use them for. Of course I have a number of maxxed out 3* too. These are just the 3* I haven’t worked on yet. Some are slightly over level 1, because they ate their dupes at some point. I do intend to level little Namahage (I’ve got one already, just pulled this dupe last AR).

What are your thoughts about the others? Who do you think deserve their mats, and in what situations would they be useful? Thanks a lot for your input. :grinning:

3* I have levelled already:
Green: C Belith, Mnesseus, Hisan, Grevle (2)
Blue: Nordri, C Gunnar, Ulmer, Valen, Graymane
Red: C Hawkmoon, Namahage, Nashgar
Yellow: C Bane, Kvasir, Melia, Kailani
Purple: C Prisca, C Tyrum.

Most of them are usefull in their own way. Gill-ra is not great for example but in rush tourneys she’s good.

It’d be easier to say wich one has the least use, and in my opinion Jarvur is not great, Oberon is also pretty weak ( his costume version is better ) and An-windr is just total garbage.

All others are worth leveling in my opinion.

Out of those heroes, my favourites would be costumed Ishtakk due to his very high defense down of 44%, and Berden because he’s a solid sniper. Jahangir is also devastating in rush tourneys.


Thanks! I was wondering about the possible interest of combining Ei- Dunn, An-Windr and By-Ulf, due to the family bonus. But everybody seems to think An-Windr is fodder, so…

Karil is awesome for blue stacks, especially for events cause his damage is pretty high, especially with Cbonus

If you get brienne’s costume I’d say lvl her, together with kvasir it’s a deadly combo, without costume I’m not really a fan of brienne

Isshtak with def down is quite nice too

And Balthazar is one of the strongest purple 3* (beside bjorn)

You can throw Oberon. His costume is awesome but with eventual costume you get also another Oberon. An-Windr is bad, I maxed him but he is not stellar even in rush tournament. I would keep the rest.

Do the ones with cotumes!
Costume Bonus is awesome, no matter which version you use.

Particularly good: Isshtak, the snipers and Karil (events). Others have their use in tournaments, Jahangir, etc

At the same time fill your teams for each colour to be able to build potent mono teams for events.

S3, Ei-Dunn, By-Ulf are not bad as well

But I‘d say for priorities: take advantage of the costume bonuses first

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I use most of those still in the 3* tournaments. Depends a bit on what you already have. In rush attack, screwing with mana is key, so I would definitely work on Ei-Dunn and Chochin.

C-Isstak, Berden (cb), Chochin (because I have extra sorcerer emblems), Karil (tournaments), Jahangir (sorcerer), and Baltahzar (fast sniper) are the ones I use the most.

My 3 star leveling is mostly focused around events. I put some extra on having a decent mono stack for each color which gives me options for tournaments too.

Brienne, Berden, Balthazar, and Jarvur.

Brienne is great, especially with costume, i take her with costume into every titan fight (8 star or less) because she provides the best defense down in the game.

Berden, Balthazar and Jarvur hit really hard for three stars, you really can’t go wrong maxing out any or all of the three of them.

My two cents, all of them is useful in different situation, hitters (even slow in rush tourney), buffers, debuffers, mana controllers…etc, etc
More if you are beginning in this game.
The question, as you ask before, is when use everyone. Read and learn. Search every hero in this forum and you,ll find concrete info over it.

Thank you all for your input. It’s helped me figure out how to queue them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Among the lot, I find By-Ulf and An-Windr the least useful, especially of you have other greens and purples.

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