Season 2 - XP/flags [Analysis, Predictions]

As season 2 advances, I decided to do some analysis and try to predict what we should expect in final provinces. As you have probably noticed, there aro no 25-27 provinces on the map, but in the player profile screen we have ‘Season 2 Hard Mode’ where the maximum is 270 stages. So I assume, there will be three final (most likely super-hard) provinces inside the Giant Whirl! :wink:

Here are my predictions regarding xp/flag situation.

Are these preditions accurate? Or maybe do you think we will see s2 final stages with more than 330 xp/flag?

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there aro no 25-27 stages on the map

Huh? Most provinces only have 7-10 stages… none have anywhere near 25+.

‘Season 2 Hard Mode’ where the maximum is 270 stages

…okay… I feel like there’s some pretty crucial information that you’re leaving out in all this. What does all of the above mean?

Also, in in-game terms, a ‘stage’ is generally referred to as one node within a province, whereas ‘province’ is the term for an area full of stages that generally ends in an Outpost in S1 (as an example).

Do you mean that there will be 3 stages inside the whirl, or 3 provinces?

Mostly I just wanna understand 'cause this looks like some intriguing prognostication. :slight_smile:

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Now everything should be in line with accepted nomenclature :wink:


Okay, I thought the graph is self-explanatory, but here is what it’s all about.

It a simplified version of below graph, which shows experience gained from completing the stage (xp) in relation to World Energy cost (flags).

Pink represents ‘hard’ stages, blue represents ‘normal’ stages of season 2.
As you can see, it’s not completed yet (as I still have few hard stages left), but you can see the whole picture.

The numbers on the bottom are s2 stages in ascending order (eg. 7 is s2_1-07, 25 is s2_3-05 and 180 is the last stage we have at the time beeing s2_18_10). NOTE: on the simplified graph, I grouped the stages and shown them as provinces.

The numbers on the left are xp we receive for completion to WE cost ratio (eg. s2_8_10 normal has 1875 xp for 6 flags = 312.50, and s2_8_10 hard has 3230 xp for 11 flags = 293.64).

  • and excuse my poor english performance :wink:
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For comparison, here is season’s 1 graph:

So the most profitable (in terms of xp farming) s2 stage up to date (s2_18-10h) gives less xp per flag than let’s say s1_12-9. Which is a bit odd in my opinion.


So far, so good. Predictions for s2 provinces 19-21 came true :slight_smile:

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