Season 2 Province 1 Highest Amount of Rounds

Hello again everyone!

I am farming Season 2 Prov 1. I am just looking for which stage has the highest amount of rounds there.

I don’t want to waste the energy to find out (call me lazy). Does anyone know which stage there has the highest amount of rounds or can maybe point me somewhere that has all this info?


I’m using this topic if I want to farm for something specific


Thanks! I appreciate the guide and will use it for farming in the future.

But, I just need to know which stage has the most rounds to fill this Wanted monster chest.

Are you just asking someone else to look at the guide and tell you the answer? If so it’s stage 9.

That is stage 9 has the highest average monster count of province one in season 2.

FWIW s2:1-9 averages 2.333 monsters per flag or about 14 per run. S1:7-4 has a minimum of 14 monsters for three flags. I think you’re farming for more than just monsters so understandable but wanted to point it out.


Thanks, yeah only reason I am in Season 2 Prov 1 is, I want a constant flow of adventure packs, while at the same time finishing my wanted monster chests.

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