Experience Points "Bang for Buck" question

Hi. XP farming question:

The easy part: Obviously the earlier provinces require less WE (World Energy) but also provide less XP (Experience points) Later stage provinces are more WE and more XP.

The more difficult part: Out of all map provinces, which stage provides the best XP/WE ratio?

Thank you for your assistance!


This will give you a breakdown of xp per stage as well as xp per flag.


In short: stages that are just before the stages where WE cost raises. So for example 9-1 and 12-9 (province 13 gives less XP than 12 for some reason).
And the best stage is the last one for the XP/WE ratio


Thank you Dante!

Quoting from the spreadsheet:
“Best levels to farm for…Experience (the higher you can do without items or death, the better)”

In other words, if I can get through the last stage of level 23 without death or using items, then that is my best XP ratio level.

Practically speaking, I would probably have to fall back to somewhere in province 20 to meet the death/items criteria. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


I suggest the document OP wants is “loots and stats” which is a google doc having exactly what he asked for in a simple layout.

The province 8 data is still based on pre 1.4 if I remember the release correctly.

The words in the title are both plural.


Mai’s Loots & Stats can be found here:



Thank you, Rook.

Remenber, boys and girls, thr province 8 data is not correct.

And, btw, evilsmoothie, there are waves of xp. They crest and fallback before rising to higher crest three or four times. It is shown at leftmost column of loots and stats.


The xp hasn’t changed.

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Can you elaborate a bit? Why isn’t province 8 data not correct?
I mostly farm 8-7 and 12-9 since I’m a relatively low level player.
Did things change? Thanks.

There was a “nerf” many revisions back.

Those are still good but 8-7 not as rich as when game was young. I use them, too.

You might check out 6-8 for avaerage recruit drop, and 7-4 is good for filling monster chests.

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