Season 2 vs Season 3 Summon Odds

Quick question to you all out there. What do you think is the better “deal” S2 or S3 summon portal? As a former CTP and now FTP person my gems come only so often. Maybe I am not looking at the hero stats close enough but it seems to me that S2 is a better deal because there is at least a chance to get two HotM with a since pull (one current and one old… even though it is very small odds, but they are there). Other than getting some fresh four and three star blood are there any advantages to S3 summon? Does S3 have slightly better five star odds or is it the same as S2? Long story short I have enough gems to do one ten pull, just debating on which new season summonportal to do it on. Thanks you all!

If you have 0 heroes from each portal, imo S2 is the better way to go.

Past HOTM, better hero selection (Wilbur, Proteus, Ariel, Kage, Poseidon, Tarlak), and costs the same

That’s just me tho

But if you already have all/most of the 3* and important 4* from S2, then I may do S3 - as your chance of getting something new would be greater (even if I’d choose S2 5* over S3 5* - cuz chance of pulling the one you want is slim)


Odds for 5* seems better on S3. Less season 1 characters also. Stronger 3* and 4*. Higher chance at 5* not featured than season 2. Overall higher chance for season 3 5* than season 2 pulls - season 2 pulls 5* luck can net you more season 1 5* 's that you could get anyway / meaning less chance for own season 2 5*. Plus season 1 seem weaker than other 5*. I’d say go S3. Or do both - but I will focus on s3.

edit: I stand corrected. Season 3 has better odds than atlantis; 1.6% vs 1.5% cumulative.

Season 2 is better because season two has better 4 star heroes. Of which you actually have a chance of realistically obtaining.

Season 2, Wilbur…drops mic

I do love proteus and wilbur. But must say that i was very happy to see mist and brynhild drop. Mist looks jackal tier good. And bryn is a fast healer. They get close.

nothing normal does what wilbur or proteus does. On the other hand, you have melendor (and a bunch of heroes of other colors) or even gadeirus; even if you consider them not as good as brynhild, which IMO is debatable, the marginal gains is pretty low.

At this point in time frankly I don’t see where I’ll use mist. Other than a 5th or 6th AW team and raid tournaments. It’s not like I’m swimming in heroes either, but, he doesn’t seem like an amazing titan hero, he doesn’t seem like an amazing challenge event hero (which wilbur is both and proteus is good for finishing challenge event and other very hard stages with an otherwise low tp team)…

So just raids? Meh.

Right now, it looks like if I were to summon for season 3, the only 5* I would be hoping for are Tyr and Fenrir. The 5* I’m currently using are Telluria and Jean-Francois. Heimdall’s awesome and Ratatoskr looks like he could be good, but Telluria makes them unnecessary for me.
Could anyone change my mind? Anyone want to make a good argument for season 3 5*? I think I may be underestimating them.

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