Question: Will S3 summoning get better? (not odds or RNG-related, thankfully)

Right now if I summon, I get S1/3 heroes and that’s it (ascension chest excluded).

If I do Atlantis, I get S1/2 AND past HotMs. When will that come for S3?

When costumes launched, they didn’t include the hero, and everyone that summoned that week got (relatively) screwed. They fixed that quickly, to their credit.

Will S3 summons be more valuable next month, or when? I feel like buying ANYTHING the first time these days is risky at best and wonder if S2 evolved to the past HotM’s, or if it started that way and if so why isn’t S3 following suit?

There’s been no indication so far that they intend to add that — it’s certainly possible that they might, but we haven’t seen that in Beta, and there was feedback suggesting it already.

So presumably the decision to exclude them was intentional.

There’s really no downside to waiting.

If nothing else, we know that more heroes will be added each month — so waiting gives you a bit more opportunity to get one of several heroes, and potentially avoid as much risk of a duplicate while the pool is smaller.

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Thanks, that’s a good perspective. Also, I can imagine they’re excluding (or delaying) the past HotM thing since that would dry up most of the S2 summoning that’s still happening. I don’t think that’s a bad decision on their part, nor do I think they’ve done something bad with the S3 portal.

For background, I was pretty excited about S3 and spent all week planning my TC’s and leveling to make way for a 10x on each of my accounts. When today came, though, I just felt kinda meh about it when looking at the portal. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but visually I did notice how empty the portal looked with just the lone featured beast. So, I figured I’d see what people thought about it so I didn’t really regret pulling all those triggers (I’m basically f2p so only get 10 pulls a couple of times a year).


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