Season 2 - Province 27 Tactic advice

Hey all,

So season 2 province 27 stage 9 is my last state to complete under hard stage.

With a team power of 4215 I’m struggling to defeat the boss, who dies then respawn back alive again, 5 times. So looking for advice on what boosters to use, and what heroes to use. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Tried and failed several times, guess the developers didn’t want us completed this stage.

Team I’m using for this level.

You could try stacking colours . Red and Yellow.
Id bring .

Boldtusk- Mist - Wu Kong - Wilbur and Zimilitha.

As an example… I dont know your options but stacking is the way.
You can complement with forge items. (mana pots , healing, bombs and d.attack)

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Another option is lockdown mana control (Proteus v Proteus) or yet another is bringing debuffers like Melendor, Sonya etc.

We find it difficult to advise on what team might get you there when we dot know what you have

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you should use the costumed rigard as opposed to uncostumed rigard, that would help a little bit.

you also should use a dispeller on atomos like eve, costumed gandalf, etc to prevent him from reviving.

I passed this stage long time ago…
I remembered using 3 reds and 2 yellows.
Luckily I got Elena who did counter attack, it helped a lot when dealing with Atomos laser beam

Use antidote and time stop, tornado is fine too.

If you have heroes with dispell or mana control - try them.

Wilbur was the single biggest factor in my finishing these back when…

The revive buff is dispellable. Take a dispeller :slight_smile:

Take antidotes to deal with proteus.

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would be helpful if you post the rest of your heroes, so we can see who else you have and recommend the best team out of it.

but you’re lacking dispellers. Keep Zimkitha and Rigard for the cleanse against Proteus, but make sure you have dispellers to get rid of Atomos’ revive.

I lacked of any 5* heroes at this time, so I did the whole Atlantis with proteus and Wilbur (unemblemed) and stacked with different colors and took health and all the varieties of mana.

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Is case of who you got. I’d stack 2-2-1
1 being your healers
2 red 2 yellow
Items up to you could try carpet bombing (that work in atlantis)

Make sure you take, time stops, dragon and bomb attacks and if you gave a mana control heroes then I would take the super mana potion.

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