Advice needed on Atlantis Province 27

anyone else can share how to get past these stages? i’m stuck at prov 27, stage 5 hard stage, boss atomos. i use melendor, evelyn, gui, kage, marjana, 20 minor heal, 20 minor mana, 10 mid heal, 5 tornados. simply cannot move beyond hard. tried for prov 27, stage 6 also got trashed.

bump for help anyone?

@tsoukalos. Time stops are the battle item of choice.

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Friends how to finish 27/9 because i killed atomos more than 3 times but again he comes and defeat , so irritating and I’m sad . I hv only epic good heroes , lvl 5 r like weak and babies . Any advice plz


I attached my full hero roster for ur easy review and advice


Use riposte, he will kill himself with his skill and as the return damage is applied before he buff himself, he won’t revive (as long as he don’t already have that buff before firing). If he already have that buff, cleanse it with your heal-dispel hero before he fire toward the riposte. If you don’t have Melendor or Sabina you can use Caedmon but make sure not to kill him as the damage that kill is applied before dispel.


sorry to interrupt @yelnats_24 is boril the best guy around with riposte?

I don’t know if one Boril is enough to kill Atomos in one shoot, I usually run double riposte with Boril and Cyprian… Boril have better survivability but return lesser damage. However, the amount of damage returned is also depends on the flanks, put heroes with low defense + high hp to maximize damage returned.

I only have them at 3/60 not 4/70, and I have not try the hard mode at province 27 myself… I’m still at province 20 (hard)… but I guess if Boril/Cyprian can be used for province 20 (hard) while still at 3/60, they should be strong enough for province 27 (hard) at 4/70…

I did use them (3/60) + 3 healers (4/50) to finish the normal stage against Ursena.

Other alternative is Elena but she is slow… or Boss Wolf (slow and short duration)

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Atomos needs to be killed before the special goes off, otherwise it keeps coming back to life.

Sumitomo is a hitter & riposte, good to counterattack atamos. Other ripostes are better suited for defense, not attack.

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With Sumitomo, you will only have 1 hero reflecting damage, but with Boril/Cyprian, it is 3 heroes reflecting. If you use both as flanks, it will be 5 heroes, instantly kill Atomos.

Their tile damage is meaningless but the point is using enemy’s power against them. In raid they might be hard to use, better at defense as you have said, but in monster battle, trials and quests, they shine better than Sumitomo.

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