Season 3 - Province 7 - Stage 10

Dear all,
I need your help with this level I try on “difficult”.
It seems that I do not understand the attack of An-Windr.
I tried in the meantime several times but always … suddenly at one point of the game … when I attack, all my heroes die imediately. Even my Justice with 830 Defence and 1500 Life.

I do not understand how and why … do you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Search An-Windr and it will be explained

Thank you for your hint.
And it is a game problem, not me. :grinning:
So I should stop trying.

Try mana stop heros Proteus or Hel. Or time stops

Or if you haven’t got either of those, heroes who cut and/or stop mana. Basically you need to stop An-Windr from firing. Then he becomes easy, believe it or not!

Mana control is the way to go. He got me on my first attempt. Then I used Gretel, Chao, and mana pots to prevent his firing and all went well. Second times the charm :ok_hand:

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Great, thank you for your hints, so I try with those I have, Hensel, Proteus.


Good luck! Let us know how it goes! I just entered province 9 on hard myself.

I beat him with Proteus. If you have only Proteus and mana potions, you will win. With Hansel along as a backup… you should do it easily :slight_smile:

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I had the exact same issue… and after crappy rewards for the past many months… I’m not wasting any more time on him

What’s the latest? Is it still, spend more money to buy heroes who can fight him? I’m not giving them another dime!!

I get it, I couldn’t get Proteus either.

Chao and Li Xiu are 2 standard heroes you could bring along with mana pots in order to shoot them as needed. I think Chao would be better, especially 2 Chao’s, but Li Xiu will work.

Next Grimforest you could try for Hansel and Gretel too, both great mana controllers.

Good luck!

I already tried 6 times with no luck. Hensel and Protheus are killed easily. And once An Windr gets his mana … no chance at all.

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Well I did it ok with Proteus… are yours max level? Do they have any emblems? Who else did you use in the team?

Post the team you used and your roster. I would be happy to help out with some brain storming if you want.

so this is my best standard. No chance.

and this the try

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