Season 2 Mission

Need some help, I’m at final stage to end season 2 normal and Poseidon is who I have to face. What are some good heroes to kill him with outside of traditional purple stacking?

My strongest purples are Cyprian (4/47) followed Seshat (3/22), I also have Kage halfway leveled (2/60) but none are maxed, so I don’t know if they can finish him especially after having to survive the monsters leading up to…

Oh that’s not the end, wait until you meet Ursena!!! Now she’s a battle!! In more ways than 1!!! Good luck!!

Bring at least 1 healer, maybe 2. They will really help. Especially if you have d down, attack boost healers

I’ll leave the advice to the pro’s @J1mau, @AirHawk, @Rook, @Garanwyn, @Ian487 and who can forget @Infinite!! There are a ton more but I could go on for dayz!!


If you can share your hero roster, other players will be able to advise you better. And I am assuming you are thinking that 24-10 is the last level. Well, you will be in for a surprise.

Spoiler alert:


There are 3 more provinces which will unlock after this level. And the final battle will be against a different and much more difficult opponent. :slight_smile:

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I used this team…purple stack, all fast/very fast attack w/dispeller heal and att buff, and that riposte for event bosses is better than anything I know! #FinishHim :slight_smile:

I see the other three world have opened, I’m scared to play it lol

Proteus and Hel would be the men (fish face and demon girl, actually) for the job. But, as you didn’t mention them, I’m assuming they’re out of the question… As previously stated, you’re in for a surprise after defeating Poseidon… My advice? Don’t rush things. Poseidon ain’t going anywhere. Work on your heroes, when they’re ready, the ocean king will go down easy.


I do have Proteus pulled him last Atlantis, but he’s not leveled enough for battle yet. Used what I had and got it done. Now with these NEW provinces I’m gonna take it easy and try to get prepared, I have no idea what I’m in store for lol

Oh, drop all else and work on Proteus. Having him maxed and fed with mana pots will make all boss stages feel like park walks. All boss stages. That includes events, rare quests, trial quests where wizards are available, none will be a problem anymore.


That’s perfect, he’s my immediate next Dark hero to level before finishing Seshat and Kage. Gonna just complete Cyp since he’s just a few feeders away from max already.

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