Season 1 5* heroes? Worth?

Hi everyone! I wonder if any of 5* season 1 heroes are worth leveling these days. They are missing a lot of stats when comparing to newer heroes. I Got vivica costume so I’m happy here. I Have few others but all of them are slow and no costumes. Don’t have any newer 5* to work on right now.
Do you think I should work them to 3.70 at least for now? Which S1 5* are worth materials?

Depends. If they’re all you got, sure. If you have better, not as sure. I will add, don’t be so quick to level 5 stars. They take a long time. If you’re still building a force, hold off on leveling them until you have a strong base of 3stars and 4 stars.


Hard to say with so little details.
If you don’t have anything better, yeah, level them, but each roster has it’s own considerations.
I have 18 Season 1 five stars fully ascended.


I still use Richard and Domitia constantly. Isarnia gets used every Red titan and rush war, Justice sees action in rush.

I’m sure others get lots of use from their joons and Lianna. Khan performs really well in events. Elena still can be a pain.

All depends on roster, how much you plan to spend and playstyle. They are all mostly still useable components. Maybe not for building a team around but nice little blocks here and there


To be honest it depends on your roster and what you focus on in the game.
It also depends on if you pay to pull new heroes. If you do then I would park the S1 five star heroes until you get their costumes.
If you are a new starter in the game focus on both your 3* and 4* heroes first.


As stated above, 5* are a later-game priority. If you are at that point then the question is: how much do you spend?

If you spend a fair bit you will eventually have better heroes to use.

If you spend little or none then likely S1 5* will be the mainstays of your bench.

Either way (IMHO) there are a couple that are worth it – Lianna, Joon. A few more with costume – C.Marjana, C.Kadilen, C.Vivica (congrats on that one).

I am VC2P and have 19 maxed S1 5*, with Magni at 3-70. Some I use constantly, some situationally, and others rarely. But they all get used somewhere. Even Horghall and Elkanan make my second green mono team in wars.


It´s a big shame, that they have lost value in the way that they did.

I tend to let them stay at 3.70 - the ascension materials for me are simply too hard to come by too.

Then I prioritize them through the speed they have- Fast heroes gets ascended first (assuming I´ll use them and they fit into my mono team)

But, my collection is very limited and I am rarely able to do summons outside of the Seasonal events. I have recently levelled Marjana, and she replaced Kelile. I´m still hoping to see Sartana one day, and she would get levelled if I got her.

If you have nothing to work on, I would perhaps take a look at the weekly tournaments and try to envision which of your heroes you would use as tank in the different tournaments - that can help give an idea, who would be beneficial to work on. I think, at least.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Well, a leveled S1 hero that you have is worth more than an OP hero that you don’t have.
I’ve leveled up every S1 hero (except Justice), and a few duplicates. They generally serve me well, but it helps that I have a surplus of AM relative to non-S1 heroes.


Only some costumes. 20 chars

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Thanks for lots of advices! I’m quite happy with my 3 and 4* heroes now, got just few more to level up. I think I’ll raise few of 5* up to 3.70 and will see if I get any luck with other heroes. I think isarnia well be the first one or maybe Quintus (don’t really like him) since I lack dark heroes.


there still good s1 hero worth leveling, but they lost alot of their edge.


Best use for season 1 5ers is to put them into the Soul exchange and get an actually worthwhile hero that way, so no I wouldn´t bring them to 3.70

I am C2P myself, but I am not levelling any of them, they just have so low stats, a good new 4 star is far more worthwhile. Maybe if I get to a point when I have more mats than I know what to do with, Lianna and Joon etc become options I guess, we´ll see.


I use Sartana, Marjana, Lianna , Leonidas and Magni in every war. Sometimes I use Domitia ( if I need debuff/dispell) and Richard too.

Costumed I use Joon, Elkanen and Obakan, all at +20 and the first two limit broken.

They took me through all 4 Seasons (2-4) in hard mode too, and keep me in a top200 alliance.

IMO the snipers are still usable in a colorstack.

Happy gaming


As a general rule:

  1. If they’re fast, they’re worth it.
  2. If they’re slow, they’re not (especially if they’re high attack and low defence - the combination of slow and more easily killed, combined with season one low stats means you can’t rely on getting their specials off at all).

Exception to #2 is if you have costumes.

If they’re in the middle (ie: average) then it all depends on how limited your options are and how many Ascension materials you have burning a hole in your pocket…
If you have 30 scopes and few maxed Blue 5’s already, for example, that Thorne might start to look like you could find a use for it after all.

Regardless, you don’t use them as feeders now there’s soul exchange there to trade them for something more useful.


As a long time veteran, c2p in general, over 4 years of playing; I almost stopped using S1 vanilla heroes. I do have a lot maxed ones that I don’t use anymore, but I maxed them when this game didn’t have the amount of heroes that it has right now, majority of S1 5* without costume were maxed back when there was only S2 as last season and no costumes or even emblems were in the live game then. Simply, a lot has changed during the course of years in this game, what made S1 5* without costume almost completely useless.

Except Sartana, all my S1 5* without costume/costume bonus became benchwarmers, even snipers like Joon and Magni - haven’t scored their costume so far. But I scored Marjana’s and Lianna’s.
Even though I’m maxing regular Obakan no costume just right now, because I seriously lack fast mana purple heroes and it’s my worst color for 5* heroes (that’s why I still use Sartana) + I’m sitting on tons of tabards and over 1500 barb emblems sitting in inventory, so I plan to start using Obakan more often as well. There are 3 s1 5* heroes I never maxed - Thorne, Quintus and Justice.

Horghall was maxed cause I got costume, Khagan also got costume even though I prefer regular version with costume bonus instead. Elena and Azlar are now benchwarmers, but that might change if I score a costume for them. I even used maxed 2nd Lianna and 2nd Joon in Soul Exchange, costume for Lianna didn’t make her duplicate more useful unfortunately, though I can find a place for using 1. Some time ago duplicate S1 snipers were useful, but not anymore. I also still use Vivica with no costume nor emblems from time to time, because unfortunately 4* yellow healers are just completely evading my roster somehow (Gullinbursti, D’Andre, Woolerton) and I just don’t have emblems for her.


Depending on the kind of level in raid/war that you are currently at, and strive to be in the future. If you’re playing in 2000 cup raid and 4000 average team power in war, chances are S1 is adequate to get you thru the day. If the opposite is true, then don’t waste your time on them. Only costume marjana Vivica and kadilen is worth another look

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Sure. There are some that are still relevant.

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I still use S1 heroes with fast mana especially if they have costumes. :grin:


Personally Season 1 heros I would be very selective on levelling. It really depends on your roster and development. Older players had alot of Season 1 heros already levelled so that the costumes were obviously chased. Outside of that the obvious standouts are costume Leo and costume Marjana for their rare specific elemental defence down value for Titans and specific raid teams. Newer players are fortunate to not get bogged down on certain older heros that are becoming undesirable given the limitation of mats. It really depends on your roster and approach to the game. Wishing you best on what you decide.

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the only things worth leveling from S1:
4*: rigard & rigard-c. kiril & kirl-c
5*: kadilen-c, marjana-c, leonidas-c.

everything else from S1 are absolutely trash:
you when you have lewena dealing 260% aoe at fast (with another effect), S1 hero does 270 at slow with 0 effect. stats wise, S1 heroes with full emblem is roughly what a S4/S5/new event hero looks like at 4/80 without emblems.

I would only consider using S1 heroes if the spells are buffed to at all VF/F speed with the current effects.