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Hey everyone, I’m looking for advice on how to build my 5 star team (well, not much to choose from, pictures attached). I’ve been playing for 5 months, c2p, not gonna spend too much in the near future, maybe some cheap gem offers. I just summoned Vivica with a costume, thought about this:
Kageburado - Vela - Vivica - Kingston - Marjana

King and Marj are almost fully leveled, I started on Kage, and just got Vela and Vivica. I personally dont really like Leonidas or Perseus, neither Grimble and Grazul too much for defense. Honorable mentions are Proteus, Boldtusk (just got costume), and Wilbur from the 4 star pool. Should I wait for another 5 stars to level? I have mats for one of each color to fully level right now. Tc20 is not giving me anything beside Brienne and Belith :slight_smile: .
Also, should I level Vivica or her costume? Or is it mandatory to have her leveled first to level the costume?
Thank you in advance.

You can’t ascend the costume past the ascension of the base hero, so you need Vivica at level 4.1 at least to max out her costume.

I’d recommend leveling up Vivica first, at least to 3.1, and then focus on her costume. If you don’t have 6 darts by the time you get to that level, then you can start leveling up her costume until you do.

Personal longterm recommendation with these 5*s for a defense team:

Kage | Kingston | Vivica (cs) | Vela | Marjana

Default Vivica is not such a great tank. Costumed Vivica however can be decent there.

My advice:
Stop working on 5* heroes for the moment (once you get them to the end of their current ascension tier… so finish Kingston & marj to 4/80 & stop Kage at 3-70)

Reason being that they are a) time consuming and b) expensive…

Until you have a firm foundation of 4* heroes maxed, you’ll be suffering in terms of overall depth & also in your usefulness in things like wars, titans, raiding etc…

My advice would be to work on 4-star heroes ONLY until you have 3-4 maxed rainbow teams of 4-star heroes.

So with that being said, I would focus on:
Red - Colen then Kelile to 4/70
Blue - Sonya then Triton then Boril to 4/70
Green - Caedmon then Melendor then Gaderius to 4/70
Yellow - Li Xiu then Chao then Hu Tao to 4/70. If you get Wu Kong, bump him to the top of the yellow list.
Purple - Rigard then Tiburtus then Cheshire Cat then Cyprian to 4/70

ONLY Once you got the 4x 4* maxed in each colour, would I suggest working on 5* heroes again:
Red - Go marj finished (hopefully) so can work on Grazul.
Blue - Vela is the better of your two options. Perseus is a pretty rubbish HotM & Sniper.
Green - Already maxed Kingston so this will take you a while to get to :stuck_out_tongue: Also have no options.
Yellow - Vivica is probably the better of the two you have. Then Leo after if you get a second set of darts.
Purple - Finish Kage. Definitely the best one you got available.

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