5* S1 Heroes

So my tc20 are giving me quite a lot of 5* heroes. I would like to know if there are 5* heroes that are not worth the ascension mats. My 4* mats are pretty scarce. Below are the heroes I have gotten so far(Some are from summons)
Holy: Vivica, Justice
Dark: Quintus
Nature: Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghall
Fire: Marjana, Elena, Azlar, Khagan
Ice: Thorne, Isarnia

Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA

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Most of them are either at 3.70 or 2.60. Some I haven’t even work on yet

It depends if you plan to spend and whether you would level duplicates.

I don’t spend so I expect to level every tc20 5* I get and will enjoy them.

If you are going to drop money on events and Atlantis then there are always more highly rated heroes available.

The next thing to consider is what roles you want to fill.

Justice is really only good as a tank, for example.

I’m sure some people will say wait for someone better, but I firmly believe in playing what you have, rather than wishing for those rare, sparkling HOTM.

If these guys will improve your scores on titans, events and wars, then you are more likely to get more mats should you get lucky in the future.


Vivica is single S1 healer and she has alt coming so I would ascend her. Marjana is fast sniper so her as well. Isarnia is great against titans, so if you have the scopes… Don’ t bother with Quintus, Thorne, Horghall. I am bit undecided on others.

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I only have mats to ascend 1 of each elements. So it really does tick me, escpecially with fire&nature. Since I have more than 2 options

I don’t spend either, and I don’t even think I can land any of those Hotm

For fire, Marjana for sure (fast sniper). If you don’t spend, go for Vivica (as single S1 healer she will be very useful to you). For nature it is a bit complicated, Elkanen or Kadilen depending on what you need/want, but leave Horghall, he is not worth it. Or wait for Lianna.

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Lots of good chatter about the elves here @Jimbo17

Thoughts on Elkanen - #61 by JonahTheBard


I’m leaning towards kadilen solely because of her buff. I do agree with marjana & vivica tho. I’ll wait for magni & sartana I guess. I do love snipers

Thank you! That’s a good thread

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You really want to look at the roles they play. Decide on who you want for Tank (Elena, Thorne, Justice, Azlar) then go from there. (Choose between Justice and Thorne as tank)

Save your purp ascension mats. Quintus makes my eyes bleed.
Then I would pull for Kingston. If you don’t get Kingston, Then level Marjana and Elkanen.

My personal choices are these with Kingston and without.

Vivica, Kingston or Elkanen, Thorne, Marjana, Purp4*

or you could go

4* healer(Rigard), Marjana, Justice, Elkanen, Isarnia

I would Level Vivica for sure as healer.


Thank you, I would try to work with that. I do run rigard on def. Sitting at +16 atm.

I always see bad comments about Quintus but in the right team he is devastating.
When I see him in defensive teams I scare.

As fellow F2P, I generally agree with this. I just finished maxing my third legendary, and it was Thorne, who most people hate. He’s been OK so far, but I have almost enough scopes for another legendary blue, if I draw one, and so far, I haven’t. Domitia was the second legendary I maxed; chose not to wait for Sartana. Of course, Sartana has now shown up, and I only have three tabards, but I don’t really regret that one either. If it had been Obakan or Quintus instead of Domitia, though…

Don’t resign yourself to this. Just over a year as F2P, and I drew both Onatel and Ranvir, along with getting Poseidon the day he came out. So those rare heroes do sometimes come to us “freeloaders”! Don’t count on them or wait for them, though.


Me too, Quintus did quite a number on me. Slow but devastating. I’ll still bring him to 3.70 for war tho

Lucky you! but honestly tho, I’m still hoping for them to pop out :rofl: