Season 1 5* heroes? Worth?

Isarnia has use versus Titans. Although slow, het defense debuff is quite high. (As most others have said, depends who else you have - if yoh also have Treevil and your Treevil can survive against the titans you face, Treevil could be better…)


I don’t have many legendary characters, but I’m unlikely to level a S1 unless I get their costume. Vivica is probably the only exception, as I’m entirely reliant on 4* for healing and cleansing.

It also depends both on when that “now” is and how many pulls you have in credit. For instance I’m sitting on a moderate pile of 4k gems and 23 eht so far. If a seasonal or other summons that I wanted to participate in was coming up and if I’d already levelled all my desirable 3-4 stars (personally I’ve still a way to go on this but otherwise), I might just let feeders pile up for a while in my tc11. They’d still be there after I’d made the pulls and better knew where I stood.

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This is plain false.

A. Many heroes have value even though they aren’t in the top 5. And everyone has different spending habits.

B. Many others are very useful, especially (and sometimes only) if you have their costume.

Costumed Sabina, for example is incredibly useful, even for whales.

Tibs, BT, Mel, Khagan, many of the snipers, Dom (if you don’t include her in the last category), etc.


Ignore this “advice” as it’s terrible (not to mention costumed heroes are a different thing altogether than original S1 heroes).

If you don’t have any newer heroes, then I’d definitely ascend some S1 heroes. The caveat is, I’d only do that if I a second set of ascension mats. Keep that second set so that in case you do pull a new hero, you can still level them and won’t feel bad that you just used your only mats on the S1 hero.

Ok, here goes. S1 heroes that are still decent:

  • Joon - still a hard-hitting fast sniper, and the accuracy debuff is nice. Probably the best of the bunch.
  • Lianna - still a hard-hiting fast sniper.
  • Marjana - still a hard-hitting fast sniper. Not as hard as Joon and Lianna, but she adds a DoT and is also a rogue for that annoying evasion.
  • Thorne - if you have a level 23 mana troop, he becomes a fast sniper with decent damage. If not, ignore him.
  • Richard - if you have a level 23 mana troop, he becomes a decent hit-3 hero and debuffer. If not, ignore him.

S1 heroes that are good in certain formats:

  • Azlar - too slow for normal use, but a good hero for rush tournaments and wars.
  • Khagan - too slow for normal use, but a good hero for rush tournaments and wars.
  • Isarnia - too slow for normal use, but a good hero for rush tournaments and wars.
  • Justice - too slow for normal use, but a good hero for rush tournaments and wars.
  • Vivica - quite slow for normal use, but an excellent healer otherwise.

Gonna chuck elkanen as a alright season 1 hero if you have a almur both fast hit 3 …


All season 1 heroes are very good. They can be traded to any hero you like. Just collect 20 of them and wait for Soul Exchange

Anyway jokes aside, i think Lianna, Joon and Marjana is quite good. As good as 4* ninjas, magic heroes, or gargoyle

S1 heroes with costumes should not be considered as S1 heroes anymore, as you have to pull the hero with costume in the same way as event heroes.

As a general rule, I dislike the slow S1 heroes, however three of them can be very useful: Khagan and Isarnia for events (Isarnia also for titans, they are both decent in rush) and Vivica (no other yellow healer readily available for a f2p). If you already have some other yellow healer, then Vivica is a very late priority.

From the remaining:

Joon as other mentioned, but also Leonidas. With a 23 level mana troop Leonidas can be far more effective than Joon in many situations.
Lianna - rest of the 5* greens I don’t like, although many f2p have good things to say about regular Kadilen
Magni - even without his costume, still a very solid sniper with very high tile damage, worth maxing IMO. Richard mainly useful as tank. Thorne IMO not very useful without his costume.
Sartana - for a f2p, there aren’t many good options for sniper type heroes amongst the 4* and 5* purples. There are a lot from the paywalled purples, however don’t rely on the chance of getting any. So Sartana may be your main weapon in your purple team for a very long time. I am currently maxing a 2nd one. Domitia is kinda meh unless you can give her enough emblems, and still even like that I’d prefer having Sartana (s) plus Sabina (who dispels) rather than Domitia. Obakan isn’t good without his costume.
Marjana sadly isn’t that great without a costume, however amongst the S1 5* reds, I consider her number 2 priority after maxing one Khagan. I have no love for Elena and Azlar, and I have played with them a lot since several of my alts have those heroes maxed. Azlar hits too weak even in Rush and Elena, while in general more useful is still not worth any rings IMO.

First of all, it will depend on how money you are spending in the game. My daughter is 100% f2p and after 5 years playing only have 13 5* that are not S1 (11 hotm and 2 events heroes, no 5* coming from other seasons). She have enough mats to ascend 20 5* more but she’s still waiting for them.

Even outdated they can help a lot f2p players. Justice is really good for rush war/rush raid, as well as a combo Isarnia / Azlar or Quintus. S1 snipers are still useful when you are not the lucky owner of OP heroes from S3/S4/ recent events.

You can also simply ascend them to 3/70 in hope of a costume and if you get it complete ascension,

Playing without S1 heroes is not for f2p, c2p players.
my 2 cents


Of course pure FTP players are a different case: They have a different problem they don´t get heroes to ascend and swim in ascension mats. So for them they will eventually level up all the 5ers they get, simply for the fact that they have nothing better to do with their mats.
It doesn´t change the fact that the heroes are mediocre at best. Nor does it change the fact that it makes more sense to upgrade 4* and 3* heroes before upgrading the 5ers.


It will depend on the kind of player you are and at what level you are at in the game. No doubt S1 heroes are way overmatched and very much underwhelming at this current point in the game. I mean, you have heroes now that block buffs, boosted healing, insane striking power, and other insane skills.

Whereas, your S1 heroes just hit…sometimes they blind or do poison or burn. So sometimes they are useful, but S1 heroes just can’t keep up with the new W3K, S5 and Clash of Knights heroes.

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I think Joon, Sartana, Lianna, Mariana and Magni are still worth it.

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S1 heroes ‘naked’ can’t quite survive a normal attack from current heroes: they are the new 3*. This is how relevant they are.

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Even p2p players may not so quickly collect 30 good, non-s1 5 stars/exceptional 4 stars for war teams and for ftp and ctp, season 1 heroes even more highly relevant.

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Almost on par with some weaker event 4*


Just depends who your 4* healers are…

Vivica gets very little use on my bench - if I need a yellow healer I’ll use my D’Andre (2x at +20, one of them LB) or my Gullin (LB+20) before her… I also have Lidenbrock and Delilah maxed, so I’m definitely spoiled for choice.

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Snipers are still worthvile. Vivica too if one does not have a better healer. But of course all of them are better with costume. Specifically Viv’s costume is a big upgrade over regular, as that defense increase is really nasty.


Depends on the heroes tbh. I still find some uses for Joon, Vivica, Magni, and Elena.

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Niche use for Lianna: She can snipe Alexandrine without triggering the passive healing factor because she just hits, without conveying a status ailment.

Alexandrine doesn’t show up super often, but she annoys the heck out of me when she does.