Scraping the barrel for just blue troops

I couldn’t find any other posts like this so maybe it’s just me but…

Since I was first able to start working with troops I have been short on only one color, blue. I have more of every other color, ranging from one to four stars, than I am able to use.

This shortage has been from the beginning so I haven’t used more of the blue. By the time I pulled my second four star blue troop, I had at least three four star troops of every other color. For one more reference, I have zero blue and at least 150 one star troops of every other color.

Is this a normal occurrence?

Thank you in advance.

Every player I’ve talked with is short in one color or another when it comes to troops. For me, that’s red – 2 years and 6 months later, I only have 4 red 4* troops. I have at least 6 in every other color.

I’m not sure how long you have been playing, but the Hero Academy level 9 allows you to retrain any 4* troop into another type (most likely another color, but it’s possible you could retrain into same color different type). It takes a long time to get to this building though, since the costs and time to upgrade your base get rather high.

I would greatly recommend saving all your Epic Troop Tokens for the Ninja Tower. This event comes every two months, and adds Ninja 4* troops to the portal. You can’t get these troops anywhere else, not even from the Hero Academy. The odds of getting 4* troop are slightly higher.


My shortage is weirder!

I have 6 or 7 green 4 star troops. I have a huge shortage of green 1 and 2 star troops.

No purple mana troop (and just got my first yellow mana a couple weeks ago), but no shortage of trainers there!

Fortunately my HA9 will be done in a week and a half. Unfortunately I didn’t calculate out the food resources needed as carefully, so my storage is insufficient — need to get my second one more level and 3rd 5 more.


Unfortunately, it’s definitely a normal occurrence…
I’m one of those players too, I’ve been playing for almost 2 years (since January 2019) and up until now I’ve only got 2x 4* blue troops, one mana and one crit. In all the other colors I already have at least 8x 4* troops each.
I’m even running HA9 hoping to get them from there, so far no luck.

Yes, it’s definitely possible . My first retrain was CRIT Purple into Mana Purple. :rofl:

But when it comes to feeders(1*- 2*) , I’m short on purple ones… I have a hard time getting them . :woman_shrugging:


You are the one in a billion. Congrats!

I had a similar thing happen, my first 7 mana troops were all purple, none of any other color. I forget the probability, but it was something like 1 in a billion.

I recommend using Hero Academy level 4 and 6 to level that RNG with feeders out a bit. HA 9 helps with 4*. Over time, it does level out but that will help a lot.

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For feeders, I believe blue is my slowest. Red however is even more cursed, in that I’ve played a little under 2 years and have no red 4* troop yet. My red feeders are just sat collecting dust! :sob:

This is despite pulling a total of 23 4* troops. I have at least 4 in every over color, 9 of which are purple. 9!! And HA 9 isn’t helping in the slightest. Not only is it not helping me, I suspect the damned thing may well be mocking me. As shown by the first 4 results I got after it went into production:

Purple crit troop --> Green crit troop (First attempt, fair enough)
Green crit troop --> Purple mana troop (Ok now, enough of that)
Purple mana troop --> Green crit troop (seriouslly?!)
Green crit troop —> Purple Crit troop (…)

This legit happened. If green pops in 5 days time that HA is getting converted into a hunting lodge. :man_facepalming:


It sounds to me like you are doing pretty well. For my part Recruits II and the epic hero tokens have given me all of mine.

Awesome, thanks so for the insight folks. I’m only on stronghold level 22 right now. Armed with the info about HA though, I can adjust my priorities.

Holding out for the Ninja tower on the epic troop pulls is brilliant. One of those “why didn’t I think of that” scenarios.

I find it fascinating how so many people can have different strategies on the same game. I think little differences like these may be one of the catalysts. Then I have to wonder, did they do that on purpose? LOL

Thanks again guys.

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