Scarlett or Peters for Rogue emblems

As I am building out my 4* roster, I have been wondering where my rogue emblems would be best spent. Eventually, unless I get a lucky pull, these emblems will be going to Marjana. But I wont have her fully ascended till I have the mats anyway and havent even started. I’ve read that if you go attack route on Scarlett she hits like a truck, but also know first hand that mana control is a real nice-to-have. Im thinking as a sniper on defense teams either could be a fair option but not outstanding.

Anyone have any first hand experience with a fully emblemed…either of these? Have you used them on a defense team? Tell me your story!

Thank you, love being able to ask the community questions!

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Peters, all the way.

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I personally would recommend Scarlet.
Her attack stat is pretty beastly as is & will become even better with emblems. Add to that her AoE3 for attack debuff is very handy (particularly if you’re facing the Double and Reverse Double raid formations).

Peters is nice but will be outclassed very soon by Tettukah (coming in S4 heroes: 🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]). His damage is OK & the silence is good but an attack debuff IMO is more guaranteed.

I agree ultimately to load them up on Marjana.


Scarlett is very good on mid level green titans, especially with emblems. Massive attack stat plus debuff

Neither is going to be a great defender. Peters is probably slightly better there but neither is a good defender imo

So if you really need a defender, probably Peters, and if you’re Titan team could use help, I’d go Scarlett

And I disagree that Tettukah supersedes Peters, the slower mana speed is significant

I prefer peters. Even against titans he is effective as he silences the Titan for a few turns to buy you more time.

He won’t be outclassed so quickly unless you have many other heroes to use.

Yeah, I was also thinking neither of them would make A choices for wing snipers. My current idea for a defense team is Guillinbursti at tank, Rigard on left flank, Tiburtust on right flank, sonya on right wing. I’m trying to fill that last wing spot with a green or red.

My options are Scarlett, Peters, Gormek, Caedmon.

Considering I already have Sonya out there, Caedmon wouldnt add much. And I dont think Gormek is fit for the wing.

Kind of in a position haha.

Two healers on defense is a bit passive, try Sonya-Tibs-Pig-Scarlett-Peters if you want a rainbow defense.

scarlett for challenge events, peters for mythic titans.

scarlett i think will be used more often.

When I cant decide and think I will use both equally I normally go along the lines of who can I use without emblems and whose special is most dependent on a bit of a boost.

In my case relevant to this my choice was Peter’s or Sapphire. I ended up going with Sapphire as the main part for Peter’s was the silence, whereas for Sapphire I wanted the extra damage and chance to evade because of the low def.

In your case using my thinking from before I’d probably emblem Scarlett.

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