Rogue emblems - Continue with Domitia or start on Peters?

I have Domitia with 7 Talents, but I’m still not a fan of her. She’s not on my Raid defense nor do I use her for my general raid attacks. Her only use is in Alliance Wars.

I’m at the point where Talent Level 8 requires 125 Rogue emblems for 5* heros. I currently have 78.

I was thinking about applying emblems to Peters. He’s my next best Rogue (next to Kelile and Scarlett).
If I do, I can get Peters to 3 Talents.

I’m wondering if its worth it to start investing Rogue emblems in Peters as I can get him leveled a lot faster and make him much more useful. Or do you suggest I wait it out and continue making Domitia a beast?

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I got my Dom to a similar place and I find her quite usable. She now hits as hard as Sartana and the dispell makes up for the average mana. But the 125 emblem price tag is rather high.

So now Scarlett is getting a few emblems.

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That lvl 8 is costly, but huge for her since it’s a 2% upgrade in mana gen. You’ll be able to fire her with only 9 tiles if you have a lvl 17 mana troop. That’s almost like a fast hero. And she hits hard. And she debuffs.

That 9 tiles charging is day and night in offense. If you have a lvl 23 mana troop, you’re already fine. Maybe you don’t need that 2% that bad. But if you don’t, those 125 emblems will be wisely spent.

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Not to hijack OP’s question, but which emblem path are y’all choosing for Domitia? I just gave her the tabards, and so I’m starting to plan what to do when she is maxed. As she will be only my second maxed legendary (alongside Poseidon), I anticipate that she will make my defense team by default - although replacing an emblemed Rigard there won’t be easy. Should I go def/HP to make her more viable on defense or attack to take advantage of her hard-hitting special? Is there a generally accepted best path for her?

I’d go with Peters for now. He’s really nice as for 4* and unique, Miki is the only other silencing hero. It’s much easier to emblem a 4* than a 5* so he should be very useful. I don’t know however what are your other green options.

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