Colen, Marjana or Scarlett?

So I have Boldtusk maxed, Namahage, and some other Red 3* maxed but needed some more better reds. I also had gotten Wilbur and Gormek summon some time ago while I was finishing up working on BT. But recently i had some rare really good luck (i think) and had Colen, Marjana, and Scarlett summon within a few days. Who should I work on completing first? I have scarlet at 2.28 but that was because she dropped before the other 2. But I know she’s kind of a glass cannon. I’d appreciate your all’s opinion.

If you have 6 mistic rings go fir Marjana, if not I prefer Scarlett over Colen. But if Wilbur isn’t at 4^70 max him first.


I’m running Scarlett now. I’m a bit disappointed though as she’s not contributing to the group like she should, especially for her caliber. IDK if it’s because she’s not at max level yet, but still. As of this, she’s the strongest of my team yet doesn’t produce and many times, she’s been the first to fall in battle. My two best heroes are Layla and Jenneh. I even replaced Ragnhild with Sigrunn again after Rags proved too weak.

Scarlett has very high tile damage. She’s useful when you stack reds, but otherwise she’s mediocre at best.
Marjana is very solid hero in both offense and defense, at 3.70 will as useful as any 4* at 4.70.
Wilbur is one of the best 4s in this game. I use him in raids against 5 and he’s just insane. Massive defense buff and massive defense debuff for enemies makes your attacks devastating. I laugh at Lianna when Wilbur’s effect is active. His also amazing vs titans.

So my advice is max both Marjana and Wilbur. Which one first - it depends what do you need more at the moment.


Thank you all for the tips. I wish I had 6 rings but I’m only at 2 right now. I’ll work on scarlett and Wilbur since I don’t have enough rings. At least scarlett will hopefully give me the high tile damage I need.

Work on Wilbur first then you should max Colen. He has good tile damage too and that burn after his special is scary. If you pair him with Boldtusk on attack they will be unstoppable.

Wilbur + Boldtusk + Scarlett + Colen + Marjana sounds like a great red stack.

Wilbur is sounding better and better. Once I do get them all leveled up they do sound like a great red stack team.

Wilbur is a beast - for war; for titans, for 4 and 5* Tourney offences; for 4* tourney defence… he makes all colours he’s with better.

Marg is good, not great but with Ascension mats go for her next.

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Wilbur to 4.70, next Scarlett to 3.60, next Marjana to 2.60, next Gormek to 3.60, next Colen to 3.60.

Waiting 4 more rings I think it is around 2-3 month.

Wilbur + BT + any heroes… will do best for your daily raid/map/quest/event etc.


So I actually have 2 wilburs. Can their specials stack with each other or not?

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Nope they don’t stack, but having 2 Wilbur is good for AWs.

Makes sense. It would be too unfair if they did stack. It’d be fun to try for a day though :laughing:

Just wait your 2nd BT from TC/Summons, then you have two pair Wilbur+BT for war :sunglasses:

That would be awesome!

If you only have the two rings then just forget about Marjana for a while. Get Wilbur maxed, he’ll be a gamechanger. From there I would go Scarlett. The combo of Wilbur, BT, and Scarlett will be a great stack against green titans.

Thank you I really had no idea how good Wilbur really was. Looks like I’ll be feeding him well from here on.

Wilbur max, then Scarlett 3.60, then Marjana 3.70.
If you have the rings at that time take Marjana to max, if not then finish Scarlett while waiting to ascend Marjana. If after that you want to ascend another red then do Colen. But Wilbur/Marjana/Scarlett and if you have him BT will also be crazy.

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