Sartana, Kageburado or Alasie?

Hi everyone

I’m building my future defense team, and at the moment it looks like this:

I’ve got three prime candidates for the open position: Sartana, Kageburado and Alasie. Who should get the spot and why? Or would you change the entire team altogether? I also have Poseidon, Obakan, Lianna, Quintus, Elkanen, Richard, Anzogh, Thoth-Amun, Ranvir and Frida on the bench.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Personally I would go with Kage, fast manna and dispels before hitting.


I like the idea of two blues next to that green tank. Alasie seems good option but Kage hits so hard and flank is a good position for him.

Trial and error I guess.

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I would go with Kage for flank and Poseidon right wing instead of Inari. Don’t see her that often on def teams and kinda understand why; she’s quite squishy and average - very rarely an issue for the attacker. In wing she’ll most likely never fire at all.

But must add - awesome def in the making!


Interesting take, thank you!

I’d love to use Poseidon if possible but I don’t really see him making it, especially because they changed Yunan’s class from Monk to Fighter so that he’d have to share the Fighter class emblems with him. I was SO pissed, Yu was a monk when I pulled him and I had collected a f*ckload of Monk emblems just for him… but on the other hand, this MOFO can now revive himself after you finally suck all the life out of him, that’s nastier than withstanding negative status effects, which he removes from himself when he fires anyway… but yeah, it’s at the cost of Poseidon. I’d like to be able to put the max amount of emblems into all heroes on my defense team to make it as strong as possible.

I fought teams with Inari on the wing before and she drove me nuts because since she was in the corner, she was able to charge without being hit too much and ended up protecting the remaining heroes really really well. I’d love that protection for Azlar. Would you say that’s not what happens most of the time? What if I gave her emblems to strengthen her defense? I think she would balance out my team really well. What would you say to that?

Thanks, I’ve been lucky recently after a year of crap pulls =)

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Ah yes classes, didn’t think about that. See your point! Yunan is a mean tank for sure.

Well she might cut it… I’ve mostly met her at flank and must say I’ve never had troubles with her. But we all have different play styles - I don’t leave home without Hel and she shuts Inari down. Someone else’s experience might be very different, as your own.

Still - Poseidon in corner mightn’t need that many emblems. His base stats are decent and as you pointed out, wing is protected.

If the choice is between them for final ascension however; go with your gut. Inari is solid. I have her too and she’s next in line for darts (bypassed by Poseidon who does a fine job in left corner for my def ;)).

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I’m with Kage on your team and put in Poseidon over Inari. Defense isn’t her strong point.


Ariel - Kage - Yunan - Poseidon - Azlar

Poseidon same class as Yunan but still a better choice compared to Inari

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Kage because he’s oppressive.

Also vote Poseidon over Inari myself, but more so because fast speed > average speed, and atlantis family bonus > sakura family bonus for defense.

I agree that Inari is very annoying in the corner (have also faced teams like that before). But I find pure damage from snipers more effective on defense teams myself; may as well dispose of the attacking team than delay the battle more.


Yeah maybe I’m also overestimating the advantage of having 5 different classes on my team… I don’t have to choose who to max between them since I have Poseidon maxed and in my current team as well :slight_smile: But Inari will be the next yellow to be maxed

Inari is a great hero, but she is better on offensive team. She’s strategic hero, there’s a right time to use her skill… on defensive team IA may use her wrong

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