Seeking Defense help/suggestions

I’m looking for feedback on building a solid defensive team. I’m going to attach a few screenshots of my heroes. I have been building around Blacknight, flanked by magni and posiedon with telluria(3/70) and Sartana on the wings. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.


My opinion:

Lianna -> Magni -> Black Knight -> Sartana -> Poseidon

Future (option)
Poseidon -> Black Knight -> Telluria -> Vela -> Sartana
JF can swap in for BK if you wanna copy/paste the common defences of today.


Thanks! (20 characters)

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Agree with @Guvnor but personally I wouldn’t rule Heimdall out in the future as a potential tank in addition to Tell. Having faced him a couple of times at tank he is slow, but if he gets his special off it’s a game changer for a defense. A maxed and emblemed JF on defense is no joke either.

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Thank you i appreciate your input! :^)

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Exactly what I was going to post… No need to bother now :slight_smile:

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