Help me choose my team please

May i ask your thoughts on which team to go for as defence. Arthur and Telluria emblem clash. I have the mats for both Sif and Telluria but can’t decide on the final line up. First picture is my current defence team.

Tyr neith telluria isarnia kage will work for now. Isarnia will be the next one you want to replace. Her and arthur ur only blue 5s?


I really wouldn’t run Kage on the wing… I tried it in several different defences and it always ran worse than flank.

Logically it makes sense - you need him firing at opponents with over 50% health, so you don’t want him hidden away in a corner where the only time he’ll hit healthy opponents is when the battle is already lost.

My current defence is running better with Mok Arr at wing than Kage… And Mok is one I’ve tended to avoid putting on defence!
(White Bunny, BK, Telluria, Isarnia, Mok).

My previous defence (BK at tank) also ran much better when Kage flanked than winged - gave it much more time, too.
Kage has flat out sucked at wing, universally, in my experience of him.


Agreed but wanted the other 2 flanks and tank where they are and wasn’t sure what other purples they have

I guess one option is rollin with their original team and just replacing elena with tyr(which was actually my original response but scrapped it)



TBH I’d probably rather forego rainbow by running both Isarnia and KA (even emblem stripped) than Kage on a wing… Plus encouraging greens/neutral may help get Telly firing which is the last thing attackers want (that or they bring the reds which then struggle with blues).

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For wars i hate forgoing the rainbow since it typically makes for easier target selection/team planning of an attacker plus gives up troop strength considering 1 troop per color is the average player’s first focus when leveling troops

But i don’t even know what tank color they use or if organziation goes beyond tank or anything of the sort or if they care about wars at all so for raids yea i can agree with that


This is all true.

I guess ultimately though, if a defence can waste a flag or two getting that ghosting hole punched through the middle, I don’t mind if it’s easier to clean up with the next one?

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Pretty much which is where my line of thinking was. Once tank & flanks are gone, wings rarely matter(at least for me imo since i don’t fail cleans unless 5 heroes are still standing)

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Magni 4.64 Miki 3.70 Richard 3.53 and Thorne 3.30 my other blue 5s. Should be Magni ahead of everyone else?

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yea especially if already on 4th tier

Then you can wing him and flank kage

May have to split embs with tyr and magni but better than splitting embs from your tank :man_shrugging:

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I was just lucky enough to pull Fenrir so will he be ok

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