How is Sargasso? (Those that have actually played with him)

I pulled him and I don’t have any other 5 star dark. Can anyone give me a good (up to date) synopsis of him?

He’s pretty good. Decent attack. If he’s your only dark he will do fine for you

my very first 10 pull i got him and sabrina and couple of others i have worked hard on my healers first for pvp and titans
i actully forgot sass abilly was then i started on my other colors like red blue and yellow then i realized during a war how good he rely is he to me is a game changer he can hammer 3 people for heeling,
i have won and lost many wars but when ever i use sass in war it turns the tide to victory how ever i am now maxing him 3assc level 40 something going up fast when he is maxed i might use him in main ps he has good life to,

the other day i was raiding and he she had 2 healers left kash and eveland ,
the regen kicked in and im not to sure if sass ability works for regen i did see his her evelyn regen 3 times but then they died
so not to sure how regen works with sass kickes in this i would love to know but i did see the green hot regen go up but not very much

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