Unexpected topic: should I LB Malicna? Why? Why not?

So, backstory:

I am full F2P, never spent single cent.

My 5* purples are: Malicna, Victor, Sartana, Quintus, Obakan (3-70), Clarissa (3-70)

My Malicna is actually on 19th node and I went shields path, because she is my tank on Alliance Wars.

Her stats right now are ATK 826, DEF 853, HP 1451 (solid IMO).

For some inexplicable reason I already have 3 5* purple aethers, so when purple quest will come I’ll be able to LB purple.

So, the question is: should I risk LB her?

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If you use her all over I would say go for it. If just a war tank, I say no. Obviously there are better purples to limit break, but if you are staying free to play, it could be months/years before landing that “premium’ hero. Roll with who you have.


Yes its worth it. with your rooster for sure. asap

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If you can fire her in 9 tiles then yes, if you can’t I would lean to Victor.


As said, if you use her elsewhere then yes. Otherwise I’d lean towards Clarissa or Sartana (especially if you get her costume). All depending who you use more frequently. As f2p you work with what you get rather than wistfully waiting for something better.

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