Sargasso or Chakkoszrot?

Thanks to Morlovia I now have enough Tabards to work on another purple. Who do you prefer? Chakkoszrot or Sargasso?

This would be for offense, challenges, etc. only. I have a +20 Lepiota on defense who complements Elizabeth and Prof. Lidenbrock.

Current mono purple team:

Kunchen +9 / Kageburado +20 / Lepiota +20 / Malicna +7 / Grimble OR Sabina +20

Thank you!

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Be prepared for a lot of hate towards Chak, myself - I think he’s great, however this is only really the case in rush tournies and wars where he goes full beast mode.

For more all round gameplay sadly I’d have to say Sargasso even though I really like Chak and his special to make enemies immune to buffs.

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Vote for Chakky, in combination with Grimble. Run them against teams with minion makers (Freya, Bera, Pengi, Krampus, MN, etc) and multi buffers (C Kad, Krampus, Garnet, etc. etc.) and he will charge in 9 tiles deal a decent amount of damage and give good protection vs the buffers. As a bonus you can use him after Sif or Odin (Ariel?) and you give yourself even more protection as the opponent takes forever to charge up


Poll for voting

  • Chakka
  • Sargasso

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Thanks @Guvnor
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@Homaclese if I HAD Sif, Odin or Ariel. :laughing:

Thanks for the input!

No… i mean if you are facing off against those heroes


Chacco is a good hero, Sargasso is quite meh tbh

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I suggest you to wait for sometime and see if you can get viscaro this month hotm. I think he will be better then Chakky. In between the available options I think chakky is better :blush:


@dessertrose pulled Viscaro on January 1st on my little baby account! (The one where I have not worked on any 5* heroes yet)

The worst part of drawing the January HOTM on New Year’s Day is that you have to wait a whole year to get his family bonus. :laughing:


I have around 23 Tabards. I was waiting for better purple because I already have one fully levelled purple team. Got Jabberwock and quartz few days back so will level them both. Once I finish them I might give priority to viscaro. Chakky and few others will sit in bench. You already have kunchen for rush war so better to save mats :grinning: viscaro can be used for bloody battle and rush attack and his fiends have really good HP. He is good against these Christmas minion hero’s(only pblm is he is slow :sweat_smile:), that is the reason I suggested to wait for this month hotm :grinning: it’s just my opinion, you can level Chakky, he is better then the Sargasso.

I would save the tabards rather than use on either of them. Unless you are desperate for a below average 5* purple.


Same here. The OP got their sixth tabard from Morlovia.


Chak for me. He’s one of the best purple tanks in VF if you don’t have Ludwig or Alfrike.

Try to grab Viscaro if you are that desperate for spending your tabards.
Neither of the options you present are good enough at this day…


Thanks all! I’ll hold the Tabards and wait to see if I land Viscaro. In the meantime I can work on Krampus (got him and his costume late last month) and Glenda. Farsight Scopes for both!

When I get to it, Chak first and not Sargasso. Poor Sargasso. I was so excited when I got him and I’ve never used him.


It’s surprised me all the positivity for Chak, he deserves some love.

Good luck with whoever you go with

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I got Viscaro. :laughing:
Guess both Sargasso AND Chak are gonna be collecting dust.


Lol congrats, I hope you still get a chance to use Sar and Chak one day

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