Purple leveling advice, got Clarissa/Domitia now

Purple is my weakest color re 5* heros
v1: Malicna added (maxed now)
v2: Clarissa, Domitia added

I have currently the following purple team at the moment:

C.Rigard+20, C.Tibertus+20, Sergei+20+LB, Malicna+20+LB, Sartana+18

LVL23 Mana Troop on Malicna
LVL 5 Mana Troop on Rigard and Tibertus
so all heros are ready to shoot in 9 tiles

Following heros also maxxed:
Cheshire Cat

The following heros available to max:
Clarissa 1.1
Domitia 1.1
Zulag 3.70
Obakan 2.60
Sargasso 1.1
Sartana 1.1
Amoenna 3.60
Stonecleave 1.1
Boomer 1.1
Cyprian 1.1
Tibertus/Rigards 1.1

I have 30 tabards, no issue with this, my concern are damascus blades (only)

I think Clarissa is the next best choice and could replace Tibertus. Since i have a couple of 2020 HotM it could also pair with them and her elemental link is decent.

Sartana, or Moreau (s4) or Jabberwock (Wonderland)

Based on who you have I would be tempted to do a second Sartana. A second purple sniper is always handy in wars etc…

I also like Obakan’s costume. If you do pull’s on the costume portal it might be worth ascending him.

I’d wait. I don’t see you using any of those more than your current heroes. I only have 3 D blades as well and I’m extra picky.

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I wouldn’t any 5* purple between those choices. I’d recommend you to wait and use the pulls in the season 4.

ok i got Malicna from a 30 pull as a saving grace, thinking about waiting for a potential killhare pull otherwise i think about giving malicna a chance.

Malicna is a solid choice. She will make your heroes charge faster. Proteus can keep his mana block up and Rigard his HoT. I would caution to choose your sequencing with her and Tibs situationally very carefully.

Does she replace Sabina then?

Good luck out there!


indeed i would remove sabina then and use her emblems to max uareus, almur and carol.

While dispell is handy she is simply to weak on health/def to be a solid choice at highlevel.

It can situational. In raids Rigard is better, but in PvE you can cleanse with antidotes so Sabina could be better sometimes. I think it’s a good call to say Malicna replaces one of the two healers situationally.

For what it’s worth Malicna is better, but I think Zulag could be a solid PvE machine and more useful if they bring back raid formations.

If you get Domitia she can debuff for you too at the same speed as Sabina, granted Sabina is a passive debuff for riposte, etc…


Why Carol? No better reds available? I have Carol at 4/70 and I sure as hell wouldn’t emblem her… but that’s partly due to Vanda+18 Mitsuko+19 and Uraeus at 4/80 hungry for emblems… anyway, I’m curious as for why would Carol deserve emblems…

No better sorcerers, also Carol is decent with emblems.

Ok… my Carol won’t see any emblems unfortunately… too many better sorcerers for me… On the other hand I do have 1700+ ranger emblems waiting for a lucky pull…

i updated the opening post as i need advice again. Pulled Clarissa now and have additional Domitia without costume. Who is worth leveling? I remember reading quite some postings were people are not so fond about Clarissa but her speed and elemental link gives her the edge over Domitia i think.

I have them both plus Sartana all maxed and emblemed and I use them all the time. Domitia w emblems and troop can get fast and her buffs had made her useful . Sartana and Clarissa are great too but I also have max obakan and grimble .

Basically I use who I have and since I went ftp years ago it limits who I get. Clarissa is very fast and Domitia hits plus debuffs. Yes you might get Moreau or xnolphod but you may not. I know d blades are your issue but if you’re that undecided maybe jus don’t do any purple though I think Clarissa and Domitia are worth it. Especially if you can emblem them.

i agree with your assessment, but which of the two would you do first?

Personally, I use Domitia more because of her dispel and direct damage. If I stack 3 purple, it will normally be Rigard, Domitia, and Clarissa. But that’s because if I stack purple, I’m going against a yellow tank and can use the extra damage. What also helps is that I have Malosi, and since he and Clarissa are in the same family, their elemental buffs get shared so with 2 very fast heroes, I get an undispellable crit boost as well as an undispellable special defense boost for 6 turns.