Advice for Santa and Tarlak

Hey Guys,

Again I want to ask you for your opinion on some heroes! Maybe you can help me to make the right call! :smile:

Still at 3/70 but I recently completed another set of rings, so I could possibly ascend him…
I do have a heavy emblemed kunchen as my main tank so I wonder how he does in comparison to him. Is he a formidable tank and on par with the other A-class tanks or would you see him as strictly inferior to the likes of Guin, Aegir, Yunan ect.?
How do you like him on offense? Is he more than just a good defender?
Would you give him emblems? And if so, would you further increase his bulk or add something to his attack too?
BTW I have fully ascended GM, Zim and Anzogh (I do like him on offense!!) so far.

He will be fully leveled, no question but I would like to know if you would give him emblems as well? If so would you rather increase his mediocre bulk or add to his already stellar Atk stat? I can find reasons for both options…
Do you use him outside of Titan fights?

Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t speak to Tarlak as I don’t have him, but I do have Santa. Basically - he’s amazing! Here’s how I use him:

  • Wars - We generally run red tanks. I use a mana troop on him to boost the strength of his minions. I also run Zim in the corner for her healing elemental link. We have several GM tanks on our alliance. They seem to be easier to get thru than my Santa tank as it typically takes 2+ flags to get thru my defense.
  • Titans - I use him in my red stack against green titans. His minions are fast and don’t distort the playing field so I can go to my next move while they’re hitting. Also, get all 3 of his minions on your heroes and a 10* Titan hit doesn’t hurt your heroes.
  • Defense - He’s my raid defense tank. I easily stay in diamond. Unless I’m eager to fill my raid chest, I don’t have to use raid flasks. I just do my handful of revenges. The multiple defensive wins I get each day makes up for the lower cups I get on revenges.
  • Offense - I don’t typically take him raiding. He wouldn’t be bad, but I have a basic raid team that I’ve used for a long time. I’m used to it so dont vary much.
  • Quests/Event - Except for red reflect events, he’s beefy enough to withstand several hits. His minions are great. I do typically use heroes like Proteus, Merlin or Hansel, though. They’re just event beasts. :grin:
  • Emblems - I gave him my monk emblems as he is my go-to tank. Since he’s already pretty stout, I’m taking the route to make his minions stronger. I think they use hp and attack?? When there’s not a route with both, I take the one that includes defense.

Hope some of this helps!

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