Same dilemma over and over, defense team

With my current roster what’s the best possible defense in raid and/or war? We’re running purple/green tank on war.
Also if you had to take into consideration my unleveled heroes what do you think is my best possible defense?

I’ll throw out Ursena-Marjana-Telly-Magni-Onatel. Good Luck!

Marjana - Magni - Telluria - Ursena - Poseidon (as current choice)

In future, possibly replace Marjana with JF.


if i ignore emblems:

  • grazul - richard - tell - clarissa - poseidon

if i go with the emblems you have:

  • marj - magni - tell - poseidon - clarissa

Tyr, Magni, Telluria, Ursena, Poseidon

Nice heroes btw!

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