Advise on defense team

Defense team in raid and war. Please advise team 1 or team 2 is better.

Team 1

Team 2

Any other suggestions? please advise.

Thank you.

Tip - Posting your whole roster with all those dupes and 3* heros :woozy_face:… Less is more.

Um… C. Kadilen is a better tank vs Hel. Although at 3:70 Hel would definitely be sturdier. I’d swap in Marjana for Gefjong as you already have her maxed.


I like the first defense with C.Kadilen as tank (once maxed) but instead of Onyx flank I would use Hel. I don’t trust the ninjas on defense yet. I could be totally wrong about that, but they all seem like better offense heroes to me.

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Assume if all maxed.

Onyx - Gefjon - C.Kadilen - Drake Fong - Alice

Onyx like Seshat left wing dispeller,… but I also think do not trust Ninjas on defense yet like @EarlVerdant said, except maybe if we put at least 2 or 3 to have advantadge family bonus dodge from tiles and special plus chance counterattack from damage received.

But then Onyx and Gefjon both conflict with emblems, so maybe like @EarlVerdant said:
Gefjon - Drake Fong - Kadilen.C - Hel - Alice

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I am embarrassing to post all dupes because I have 4 zulag, 8 bai yeong, 8 zooc and 7 Noor.

Sorry above that. Haha

Thank you for your advice.

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I would also pair complimentary colours if possible, especially purple/yellow.

I agree with above, probably keep Ninja out of defense.

First defense, replacing Onyx with Hel .

I am not familiar to C-kadilen

C-kadilen vs. nerfed Telly. Which one better?

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