Defence Team Helpp

Hi. Can annyone help me with best defence team?

At the moment team is like this

And bench below

Im going to lvl up clarrisa
Any ideas for positioning or swap for any heroes would be appreciated

Tyr/francois/marjana , vela, teluria , clarisa/myztero (question mark here because I don’t know about it) , neith/vivi(same as with miztero)

Vivi / neith , clarisa, Santa , vela , kingston

Tyr/francois/Mariana ,Vela,Kunchen, neith, clarisa/myztero

I did not intentionally mention Chameleon, Fenrir, Morgan, Malosi because either I haven’t made them yet (fenrir, Malosi) or I don’t have them (chameleon, Morgan). Myztero is only there because he was secret and this is not a suggestion :slight_smile: As you know, Tell is in the forefront of tanks and it is rather under her that you should put the rest of the cards. You have a lot of options so it will be difficult to choose the best one …

I would do
Neith, misandra, santa Claus, athomos, sartana

I wouldn’t ever recommend ascending heroes for defence primarily… I don’t need to here, you already have a great defence either maxed or not far away.

Telluria is your best tank if she had equal emblems to Kunch… Even with less, the synergy with a Vela flank is still strong.

If it were me, once all maxed, I’d probably run this…
Tyr - Vela - Telluria - Neith - Sartana.

Tyr isn’t a perfect wing, he’s fast mana though and can potentially win as a last man standing in a close battle.
Vela and Telluria together is still a superb combination.
Neith at average mana wants to be flank rather than wing… Her mana cut should tie in well with Telluria’s regeneration slow also (this works well and I’m surprised not to see it a bit more often).
Sartana is a fast sniper, and dark completes a rainbow defence.


Having said all that… Depending on which hero’s you use most in attack (which is where emblems should/will be) it might be that certain lineups wind up stronger than what on paper would be a strong defence if it carried the emblems.

Personally I’d emblem Sartana over JF and Tyr over Misandra, so I’m content using them in my proposed defence.

Whichever way you go, you’ve got a great bench there :slight_smile:

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