Advice on defence team


I am looking for advice on my defence team, as well as war defence team with blue tank.

These are heroes that I have, currently I don’t have enough AM to max 5*.

Evelyn - Seshat - Rana - Magni - Marjana


Vivica - Seshat - Magni - Marjana - Evelyn

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War tank… Boril, probably.

Magni can be okay if his special fires early, but Boril is beefy and punishes second string attacks.

Raid Def… Tricky. There’s no obvious tank here, Rana and Poseidon maybe closest.
Evelyn - Magni - Rana - Marj - Seshat.

Evelyn plays okay almost everywhere in defence, but firing first gives a little dispel which could be useful.
Despite his low defence, Magni makes sense at flank - at wing, his special helps half as many allies and even when it fires it’s probably too late.
Tank… Poseidon is slightly beefier and faster special, you’ve got more emblems invested in him too, Rana hits more enemies (and this is shaping up very sniper heavy otherwise!)
Marj is by far your better red 5* - Khagan has his uses, but not on defence IMHO.
Seshat is best in the wings and probably your best defensive hero, so let her have her best spot.


Hi. I have the same question. I was lucky enough to pull Black Knight in this event and Mother North at Christmas and will now rethink my defense team. Although both are at 3.70 please answer as if they were maxed. My Alliance uses purple tanks for war. Would like help setting up a raid defence team and war team. Team 1 in the picture is my current raid defence team.

Any thoughts on line up?

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