Sabina or Rigard?

So I have Kunchen sitting on my defense. I’m not overly impressed with him. I’ve been using Rigard on offense Raids and PvE and have been focusing leveling him up. I have Sabina now. So same healing with both healing percentages but Rigard dispells allies debuffs while Sabina dispells enemies buffs. Hope that made sense. I have no other defuffers on my team.

I’m just not sure which to use? Rigard is great for Magic Night boards because he can debuff the silence, so I’ll probably bring him in on those. Mainly asking about raids and defense benches I guess.

Recommend Rigard over Sabina…better stats…and Kunchen is great… try him and you will see


Cleansing always over debuffing, since cleansers are some of the rarest.


If your choice is solely between Sabina and Rigard, I’d go for Rigard. But as onelife just said, try Kunchen! I have him at 2/60 and he’s already quite sturdy. He does what Rigard does (heals, dispels ailments) but also knocks the enemy’s defense down and has extra protection against holy. He is annoyingly slow but I pair him with Boldtusk who helps keep him alive long enough to use the special.

If you don’t already have them, you might pick up Caedmon or Sonya to dispel enemy buffs (which admittedly often comes in very handy in raids and wars).


In a long turm I’d have both Rigard and Sabina. It is useful to have multiple healers for Alliance Wars. For raids it is also convenient to have options. If you raid agains heroes that can reduce your defense, poison or blind, Rigard can be used. If you fight agains reposte, Sabina (or Melendor) is a better option.

In a short term I’d max Rigard, for his cleansing skill is unique.


Yeah, he’s currently on my defense team and most of the times when I enter game, I find the opponent lost buwahaha! Just not keen with him on offensive other than the innate skill.

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Sabina if you’re new and Kiril, Kashrek, Brienne, Boldtusk are the bane of your life on defences, Rigard later when Gravemaker, Zeline, Drake etc start to ruin your life.

May be because I got both Caedmon and Sonya early in my game I was less concerned about enemy buffers. But Grimm, Hu Tao, Colen, Skittleskul, Scarlett and Kelile “ruined my life”. In a map you could bring antidotes with you, while in raids Rigard is the only saver.

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