Confused by specials

I have Sabina at 3^60, and just picked up a second along with Rigard. When considering which to level up first, I realized Sabina scrubs buffs but Rigard cures ailments. Huh?

Pls explain ailments vs enemy buffs.


If your troops are debufft in any way (defence lowered, blinded poisoned, burning etc.) Rigard clears the debuff for your team.

If enemy heros are bufft in any way (higher attack/defence etc.) Sabina removes their buffs.


So Rigatd complements. Got it. Thx

Yes, both specials are handy to have.

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And Rigard is a sneaky almost tank - great for AW in the back corners where he is hard to hit.


If I had to do it over again I would ascend Rigard over Sabina. Reason being is that Rigard can cure your heroes from any ailments (Sabina can’t) and you can debuff opponents with heroes like Caedmon or Sonya, which is a far superior combo…


Building up a sonya. Will try green elemental 10x tomorrow. Green has never been a good pull for me, but try again

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