Rigard or Obakan

Yep, another which hero question.

I’m just curious as to people’s thoughts. I already have Kiril and Boldtusk maxed to 4/70 and Melandor at 3/60 so not sure if I should send Rigard to 4/70 or Obakan to 3/70 ?

I am currently working on levelling up Lianna to 3/70 and have Elkanen sat at 2/60, no other 5* currently, but have almost got TC20 up and running so will hopefully have a couple more in the near future.

Rigard, and then Rigard lol :slight_smile: His cleanse is priceless :slight_smile:

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Count me as another vote for Rigard.

Kiril and Boldtusk are excellent, but their healing ability is somewhat more of a bonus than their main focus.

Rigard is a true healer, with both a meaty heal percentage, and a clear of status ailments. That’s critical when you’re facing many of the bosses and enemy heroes that cast debuffs and DoT.

You’ll get far more mileage adding a maxed Rigard to your arsenal than Obakan at 3-70.

Rigard no doubt…Obi needs to be maxed to be real useful

Another vote for Rigard! His cleanses ability is only 2nd to Kunchen…aha!
Obakan is pretty crap at 3 70.
I wish I had Rigard instead of Kunchen.

Rigard, because of everything zephyr1 said above.

Definitely Rigard. And if you get a second one? Keep him too :smiley:

Is Obakan even useful when maxed? He already seemed mediocre, then riposte got nerfed.

Another vote for rigard. Cleansers are incredibly rare and useful.

Another vote for Rigard. Plenty of time to level obakan later. Rigard is an excellent healer and will come in very handy with his “purification”

Lol, well i think that seems fairly conclusive :smile:

I do like Rigard and he is always a pain when you fight him in raids, guess i was just wanting to start using 5* heroes.

But Rigard wins. Thanks all


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