Sabina or Cyprian?

I need help. I have two teams that I’m constantly changing. I have two counterattackers, two healers… So, my problem is, soon I’ll have 4th trap tool and I can’t decide witch dark hero to ascend. Whole scheme is depending on it. Only hero that is staying put is Chao coz he’s maxed on talents. Also do recommend best tank for the team. Santa, Boril, Chao…? Of course I’m one of those rainbow freaks :slight_smile:
Please help…

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would go with Sabina, healers first. But depends, if you are in war with your alliance going with dark tanks then Cyprian is fine. When your roster grows cyprian will have less to no spots but Sabina will. Holy forbidden 4star rush tournament and cyprian is your man of course. So there are situations for both, but a dispelling healer will be more useful throughout your path to glory imo :duck:


It looks like you’d benefit from focusing on your four star heroes for a while before taking your five stars up. So I’d favor Boril over Vela and Gormek over Santa Claus as you won’t be able to take the five stars to 4.80. For purple I’d choose Sabina over Cyprian as you’ll find the heal more useful now and in the future. Your best tank option is Boril - he can go through Platinum. Low end Diamond Arena if you emblem him. Santa may be better at some point, but you need many strong four stars first.

Lastly, I think you should consider changing this topic name.


Thanks a lot Ivy and Van for your input. I was leaning towards Sabina but I just wanna confirm with good ppl from here :slight_smile:
I’ll stick with Santa for a while. I like Gormek better but he still needs more power. Just one blade so it’ll wait couple of months I’m affraid…


Thank you! I’ve edited my first post accordingly.

You won’t need to wait long for another blade - the rare quest Mount Umber will provide one. It should be soon. I find Novo’s Calendar to be a very useful resource.


Looove them calendars :smiley:


Happy to inform you Sabina is fully maxed with 4 talents for now! Thanks everyone for your help!

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