Defence Team Help

Hey I am new to forum and I need help with my defense team. I am a relatively new and c2p player.
My heroes at the moment:

Scarlett 4/57
Colen 3/60
Kelile 1/1
Bunch of 3*'s Max +1

Grimm 4/21
Sonya 3/60
Bunch of 3*'s Max +1

Caedmon 3/60
Skittles 3/20
Gobbler 1/1
Gaderius 1/1
Bunch of 3*'s Max +1

Cyprian 3/60
Sabina 3/57
Ameona 1/1
Bunch of 3*'s Max +1

I only have 3*s Bane, Dawa, Kailani and Gan Ju maxed and one Melia just pulled in Atlantis.

Raid and AW is getting better in terms of attack, but I couldn’t figure out the best defence with this line up. Any suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

Caedmon | Grimm | Cyprian | Scarlett | Bane

They’ll need levels but I would do that for now. :crossed_fingers: you get a yellow 4*

Also I would max Sabina first then Cyprian, despite the fact he’s your current center defense hero, she’s very valuable to have for attacking and that’s where you get more rewards from.


In my honest opinion if you want to go with a Rainbow defence team it would be:
Caedmon, Scarlett, Grimm and Bane
You will need a healer so for me it needs to be Sabina.
If you want to run the risk of not having a healer then it would be Cyprian
Good luck


Thanks for the comments. I was planning on going with max Sabina before Cyprian also as she’s my only 4* healer and Cyprian is quite situational.

Ok minor update: I just pulled my first ever 4* yellow Li Xiu, I see her used as a tank in defence, which I definately need. Caedmon - Scarlett - Li Xiu - Grimm - Sabina rainbow defence kind of makes sense I guess. What do you guys think ?

Yes - swap Li Xiu in for Bane
She will provide you with a good tank position

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