Purple priorities

I’ve been given (well…) a bounty of purple heroes and am not sure on what order I should work on them. Input would be much appreciated!

I currently have Kunchen on his way to max at 4.70, he’s my def team tank surrounded by maxed 4s. Purple mats are 4 trap tools and 4 tabards.

The rest of the lot:
Hel (x2), one at 2.38 and one at 1/1
Domitia 2.26
Obakan 1/1
Proteus (x3), one maxed, the other two at 1/1
Sabina 3.35
Cheshire Cat 2.50
Tiburtus 1/1
Rigard 1/1
Cyprian 1/1

I was set on taking Hel to 3.70 asap but then someone pointed out the usefulness of Sabina in a purple stack against yellow tanks (specifically Guin…) - she would also be eligible for Sorcerer emblems. The Cat is cute but the swoparoos he’s produced so far have been detrimental.

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I would take Hel to 3/70 and max her as soon as you can. Sabina next. Reason being you already have a purple healer in Kitchen and Hel’s mana control will be more useful in the long run


Agreed, if you like Proteus then you’ll like Hel more.

Who are your other heroes though? If you’re lacking in healers or dispellers for wars, then you may want to consider Sabina first, since she’s faster to level up than Hel.

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Do I like Proteus… :). He’s amazing and I’ve got him to thank for opening most of my raid chests in diamond. Even brought him to last stage of S2 and he helped keeping Urs-whatever her name is in check… But I digress!

For healers I have a maxed BT and Kiril and Melendor on the way there. Second BT and Kiril waiting for their turn. Dispeller wise I have a maxed Caedmon, Caedmon nr 2 waiting and Frida at 3.70. Sonya on the way too but left her to work on Triton atm. Domitia is a potential dispeller but she’s gonna be waiting for a while… (although she’s not 1/1, she’s at second tier actually)

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This might sound like a downer but see if you can get Sartana (tc20) Kage, Sheshat from Atlantis and save your tabards for one of them before Hel.

You have Proteus maxed already, Hel is awesome but not a significant improvement or added skill difference from him.

But like others said, take Hel to 3/70. Just consider how long it’s taking you to get mats.

In a dark stack, would you rather have Hel + Proteus or Sartana + Proteus?

Think of building raid or war teams. A fast sniper would be better synergy than two average mana freeze imho.

I’m biased because I don’t have Sartana :cold_face:

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Nah not a downer :). I wouldn’t think I have the mats for maxing a second purple 5 until June/July anyways, and I’m in no hurry. Will have tc20 in a couple of weeks.

Sheshat, is that the rumoured purple hotm for July? The fast sniper that seems OP? Happy to wait for her. But the name… hm. Could see a brother called Heshit coming ;>.