Rumpelstiltskin to replace Wu Kong on titans?

This guy looks like Quintus+ Rigard + Kiril (dragon banner) in one. But randomly. I see it replacing the crazy monkey. Or added instead of Grimm.


they should make him look more like that character from the Once Upon A Time series


i’m looking at the skills only :smiley:
i just need to find the spot at least on 3 of the 5 titan teams

That card isn’t what I am looking at in beta right now, which is probably why posting these cards before they go into production and indicating they may be different in real life is usually advisable.


i’m expecting changes but no matter the % it’s still good for me to see where he would fit

Just to be clear, you only get one of those per special fire, not all of them. He’s solid overall, but unreliable, like Wu Kong, and I personally wouldn’t replace Wu with him after playing with them both.


i have specified it’s those 3 but random. he fits next to Wu in some teams though

If you luck out and can get his stars card to play when the wu buff is on it would be worth it, but my (limited) experience pulls the healing card more than the other two so it would be questionable if the switch was worth it. More like a ‘do you prefer a sure thing (Grimm & Wu) or upside (where Rumple can come into play).’ His healing and direct damage cards are down and his buff/debuff is up in the current iteration of beta.

it;s just like the monkey… ruin or OP
debuff + Aoe attack would be a tile skirmish

i’m playing for… 2 weeks or so but got the hang of it. i own all 4* already and a few of 5*
rumple it;s another kind of monkey as a playstyle and since i’m missing all of the HotM except Alasie… he;d be good to have

You might want to prioritize leveling one at a time. You’re going to hit the ascension materials block sooner rather than later

No, he won’t

Wu Kong’s buff remains the best in game. 2.85 * 2/3 = 190. That’s a 90% attack increase. And it stacks with everyone.

The great boldtusk? 48%
Athena? OK, well maybe she’s better, but she doesn’t exist anymore.

Rump gives a random buff of 25% attack? No, this is not the Wu Kong replacement. He’s good elsewhere maybe but not with Titan damage.


but a buff att/dmg followed by the AoE dmg is something

If he had “remove all buffs from enemies” would have made him even more awesome.

in this case i can;t consider him on titans and go with Sonya?
or use him until damage is smaller than her’s

this might help
i don;t have sartana yet but she’ll drop
also, i;ll get gravemaker when the event starts

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I’ve heard of doubling up on titans but you triple according to the spreadsheet. In theory that should work really well, but how does it work really with all the missing colour tiles giving only 1 xp damage?

Great chart by the way. Thanks for that.

I really could do with sartana. Need her badly.

i’ve had the 2x color but deleted it
in the end, any strong color can be replaced by a different color or another buff/debuff/ heal

the chart is mostly a guide to myself with the most used heroes for titans, especially the 4* since ascending is a tough choice considering how slow the mats are gathered

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Tripling with wu is nice since the missing hero tiles hit 100% which makes for longer lives at times.

I often hit 50 to 80k with trips.
Against purple titans 9 stars…i often crack 200k

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i kept 2x strong color for yellow and purple since i’m not done leveling up that color
as for the purple, Sabina has a good tile damage but i’m pulling for Sartana soon and be done with the team comp. i;m focusing on titan teams on this game, wars are just a bonus since i have more than 6 teams made of 4and 5

so in case rumple would be pulled i tried to fit him in the titan teams but
1 it seems it;s better for raids and wars
2 grimm still is a safe bet

also, it’s difficult to make the blue team because i have hitter+ grimm or tibertus + kirill

once i understood the relevance of buffers it was easy to split the colors and see what does similar skill
tibertus - grimm
kirill - boldtusk

and just mix them as needed
wu kong just made things easier, solving the constant part of the composition and special buff

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if the missing tiles stun the target is good enough :smiley:
add some battle items, mana here, banner there and you cover some buffs

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