🏯 Ruby - 5* Fire / Red from Ninja Tower

Player: Oh God, another Ninja… How OP is it this time?



Player: Please buff Jade

SG: Release Ruby !!!


I think there should be a “Hyper-Over Powered (HOP)” option for this hero :rofl:


Nerfed? Perhaps… Or it will stay this way because, as Small Giant Games likes to say “We offer in-game purchases for those who wish to play at faster pace…” Stronger… Harder… Faster. :rofl:


Actually, I think I will ignore this portal until Jade is buffed. Have one already… I can only imagine what would happen if I used my hardly earned gems in this portal just to get another Jade! :expressionless:


I don’t see more “big nerf”. The atmosphere in the community after e.g. Telluria nerf was very negative etc. the solution that was implemented (not only because of Telluria) is to release more strong heroes and many counter heroes. It is also a money maker.

Talking about OP hero is about compare to what. Recent months has added many strong heroes and compare to those or compare to old heroes…
After each month there are a lot of believers that this hero is OP and will be nerfed… Milena, Ludwig, Ruby… if there are a lot if heroes are called OP, then there is something wrong with the definition :wink:

This is my humble view. It is fine that we have all different views, I liked diversity.

Happy gaming


Ruby is a well balanced and reasonable Hero.

Well at least in the dictionary of Small Games:

Fighting a baby with a fully armed battalion.

Murder every family member and friend from someone because they have eaten the last slice of pizza.


Ruby is going to be crazy to face. Here are my thoughts. Thanks! & Congrats to anyone who gets her.


Suddenly Poseidon is very relevant now. As ruby’s only true check, no wonder he got a costume


Can you elaborate please? Cant connect the dots yet :slight_smile:

So, Poseidon can protect mana cut ?

Poseidon blocks all forms of negative mana ailments, including mana cut


In the past 3 years that im playing the game, I have seen SG creating nuclear weapons and then bunkers to take cover.
Guin- Seshat
Grave-Kingston…etc etc.
There will always be a counter for the op heroes.


Poseidon was created in the era when guin was still relevant, so now he will be even more valuable since ruby exists
This is legit the first nuclear weapon SG has created, thank goodness we actually have a bunker this time for protection. Not that I have Poseidon lol, but I shall seek him in the future

Hmm thanks.

How tested is mana cut with Poseidon?

Since mana cut isnt technicaly an ailment but direct ‘‘effect’’, I would think it doesnt work.

I do hope it does though :slight_smile:

I tested him just now on S2 where he was a boss in some stages just to make sure I knew what I was talking about. Yes it blocks mana cut

The third text is probably the reason why he also resist direct mana cut


Not just Poseidon… Blinders/dodgers/silencers as well. ‘Luckily’ Ruby’s class is probably the worst one so she won’t get much protection from it. Only problem is if someone is able to stack Ninjas to add the family bonus.

Offensively, she can be probably only countered by lack of tiles lol. But who cares, certainly not the game designers so why should we.


No, I think it is the second text. Mana cut is “negative mana effect” which is similar to why Theobald can block Lady of the Lake’s minion mana cut (“All allies reflect all status effects and 115% damage back to the attacker and block other negative effects from enemies’ Nature Special Skills for 4 turns”).

There’s still a margin of error with those heroes. Ain’t relying on luck against a completely broken hero like ruby.
So her only balance is being a barbarian. Just kill me…

True, but that’s like your best shot at the moment. Poseidon is obviously optimal option so far, but doesn’t mean you need to chase him to be able to deal with her :wink:

This hero is super OP, but is still unlikely to get nerfed. The odds to get her are only 1 in 800, so you won’t see her everywhere like you did with pre-nerf Telluria. Beta testers repeatedly told SG that the hero was way too strong, but they chose not to even acknowledge our feedback. Par for the course with SG.


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