Jade has to be buffed!

How can all the other ninjas have what is pretty much a reward after waiting to charge 3x? All 3 ninjas are guaranteed a devastating tier 3 special skill, except Jade!!! You invest all that time & effort waiting for Jades 3x charge & you get a dodge chance of 75%, which still has a good chance to miss!! Also, have her deal to all allies from tier 1 instead of just 1 at tier 1, 3 at tier 2, etc. I could understand if all ninjas had a similar issue with being O.P. but when a single hero out of a newly released pack sticks out as being the ugly duckling of the special abilities it makes me wonder what they were thinking when designing. Did they just take a disliking to Jade for whatever reason & did they listen to the beta testers cuz surely they would’ve picked up on this problem. Just look at who’s being used in offensive & defensive raids & wars & I guarantee Jade is way, way down the list!! Out of the 2 I’d say dealing to all from the start is the way to go but a 100% dodge chance for 3 turns is an improvement in parity with the other ninjas, i.e. Cobalt!!! Either nerf the other ninjas in line with Jade or buff Jade, but with season 4 heroes coining soon I think needing is not the way to go!! If you are going to bring out new hard hitting heroes in the near future 1st fix some of the mistakes of some of the current heroes. Common sense please!!!

Agreed. We have a but here, though. Not all heroes are meant to be strong. Some are intentionally designed to be weaker than others. This is for the sake of game balance and pushing the whales into spending more money for the brighter ones.

By the way I have Jade at 3/70. Probably she will stay therr forever as she does not deserve 6 tonics indeed.


I’ve got her in 1.08 and I think she won’t get anything until the apocalypse day. :man_shrugging:t4:

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It’s a shame though cuz she has real potential if her special was rebalanced. With the power of the future new heroes we need more decent heroes. My issue is why her alone in the ninja family? All the other 5* ninjas are borderline O.P. so why single out Jade? I’ve always hated bullies all my life & when someone gets singled out or picked on!! What did she do to S.G.G. to warrant such detest. She’s getting beaten up on a regular basis! Give her the ability to fight back & be ready for the onslaught of Season 4!!! I’m probably wasting my breath cuz do the higher ups really take any notice of what’s said in these so called ‘ideas & suggestions’ area?

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Jade is terrible. I’d ascend a vanilla Kadilen over her without question. I don’t know if I’d ascend her over Horghall even to be honest. She’s dead weight. At MINIMUM she should apply the dodge to ALL allies at every charge level…but even then she’d still be iffy. Her skills kind of hurt each other. Mana cut? Ok, but if I’m dropping a dodge for a few turns I want the enemy to fire while that’s up.


Jade does have some company in the Dojo of Disappointment - Shale is also junk.

A very, very slow version of C.rigard with no attack boost :man_facepalming:t3:


Jade should be giving dodge to each member of her team, at the same percentages, throughout each charge.

The other two support ninjas, Garnet and Mica, affect all allies. Why in the world has Jade gotten the short end of the stick? She’s cutting mana, which negates the enemies special skill use, delaying the need for that dodge by one turn (at least) as it is. Meanwhile her dodge can be dispelled but c-Kadilen can dodge your dispells and gain a minion in the process?

SGG, we implore you to rethink Jade, please. She has untapped potential, but in her current form she can’t possibly be getting the use you may have expected. You have the data, how often is she actually being used?


Jade and Shale completely broken…


Normally soon after such posts are shared, someone replies with a video about how productive she is and “attempts” to contradict the comments that support the title. However, it is already late!!

Is she really that weak? :smile:

Looks like SG values dodge as skill very much, it’s the only explanation why Jade was given 1-3-5 mechanics for her 1-2-3 charge. I just don’t understand how c.Kadilen got her dodge to all being fast and everything.
If Jade would be too powerful giving dodge to all, what does it say about c.Kadilen? :thinking:


If we compare c.Kadilen with the second charge of Jade (as the percentage of dodging is almost the same), we can see that Kadilen is still stronger. Maybe Jade gives 4 turns (one more), but that stupid mana reduction will reduce the dodge in one turn and the dodge is only for three. Besides, the ninja doesn’t deal any damage.

The third charge gives 5 turns with 75% of dodge and 25 % of mana reduction. That means that the dodge would be for 3 or 4 turns (being optimistic). COMPLETELY STUPID!!!

There are so many players who suggested different options. Mine was removing mana cut and dodging 100% for 2/ 3 turns and a percentage of damage. Knowing that the enemy attacks won’t affect in any way (as if the heroes were ghosts) is so much better.

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I would accept reduced dodge chance if it was for all allies, like 20-40-60%… That way she could make a small difference even with the first charge… 1 of 5 would potentially dodge, which is still something in case of the bad starting board. With mana cut, I’d give her a chance.
Her 2nd charge would still give less than c.Kadilen, but I believe she would be usable. At least for those who doesn’t have c.Kadilen.

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Please make ALL ninjas OP to keep up with incoming OPness


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I know what I’m saying but my issue is when ninjas 1st came out you were lucky to get a 5* but if u did pull a 5* ninja lucky u may feel until u closely look at Jade & u realise she’s unusable as oppose to all the other 5* ninjas. They’re expensive so pulling 1 should be gravy but with Jade it’s not. It’s a bummer!!! That’s why I say she shud be buffed. Why make only 1 unusable & the rest desirable??? Does SGG take a dislike to dodging so have to nerf it, do they think it’s an OP skill, but if that’s the case C. Kadilen??? It’s too random to be effective hence Margaret’s damage buff. Maggie started out unusable but after the damage addition is serviceable. They don’t learn any lessons & whats the saying forget the past & u r doomed to repeat it & what do u know, they did!!! Consistency please!!!
Silencing is spot on, extremely little thought over her special cuz the 1st mana cut part takes away from the 2nd dodge part??? Doh!!! Does anyone know if this was brought up in beta but then again even if it was would SGG really take note or was everyone that stoked about the main 3 that they forgot about Jade???

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Latte, the difference between Jade and say, Thor is that Jade is clearly unequivocally weak, has very limited uses (only pvp), and she is weaker than her peers by a wide margin…your Thor obsession was just myopic or poorly thought out

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Are you high??? We are talking about Jade & ninjas?? Nobody on this post has mentioned Thor??? Myopic Thor or poorly thought out Thor??? Don’t know where u r coming from? Only person that’s mentioned Thor is yourself!!! I have him & I like him!!! Also, I think you are wrong she’s not weak, that’s 1 part of her that’s decent, stats! Along with being a monk her base stats are nice, compared to her family she has the 2nd best def. stat. & 2nd best HP. That’s far from being weak!!! SGG don’t need to make her stronger It’s her S.S. that’s the issue & how it’s implemented. They just need to sort that out & job done!!

Milky - re read the post, specifically the first line

The two extra kicks to the nards with Jade is as follows:

  1. She only dodges damage…so things like JF’s burn still always lands 100% of the time.
  2. A dispeller wipes her dodge out entirely, so if you do manage to get to the third charge it can be wiped out with a Sabina or Melendor! LOL!

What a terrible hero. She needs to apply the dodge to all heroes at all levels and be non-dispellable IMO. A bonus would be to swap the mana cut for Margaret level damage.


Yes, u mention comparing Thor but at the end u talk about his obsession with Thor but nobody talked about Thor until u did. That’s what I didn’t understand unless it was picked up from another post where Latte was obsessing about Thor, of which I have no idea of.

Latte had posted non stop about how much thor sucks (which he doesn’t) and I was replying to their post.

Agreed on Jade just need an adjustment on the s.s. and she’ll be fine

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