Roster Perspectives and Advice

Just looking for a bit of advice for both defense team and general roster management. For clarity, I have been playing for 3.5 years and am 100% FTP. I have a large number of 3* and 4* maxed for events and tournaments. HOTM’s and event / seasonal heroes have a tendency to elude me due to being FTP, but I’m hopeful that HA10 will yield some good results soon.

At the moment I have mats to level any 5* on the roster, and 2-3 of green/blue/purple. Just trying to see what I should focus on and where to go from here. Current roster 5* / high 4* info follows.

Defense: Zimkitha +8, Sartana +9, Mitsuko +15, Lianna +12, Joon +13

Red: Guardian Kong +2, Boldtusk +17, Marjana +7, Baldur 3-70, Marjana 3-70, Elena 2-60, Azlar 2-60, Khagan 2-60, Reuben 1-1

Yellow: Malosi +7, Onatel +3, Leonidas +3, Ranvir +6 Roc 3-70, Gretel +8, Justice 3-70

Purple: Domitia 4-80, c-Tiburtus +5, 2x c-Rigard +5, Gafar +6, Merlin +2, Sartana 3-70, Obakan 2-60, Quintus 1-1

Blue: Isarnia +5, Thorne 3-70, Richard 3-70, 2x c-Kiril +4, Grimm +8, 2x c-Sonya +4, Agwe 4-70

Green: Lianna 4-80, 2x c-Melendor +8, 2x Caedmon +9, Elkanen 3-70, Kadilen 3-70, Horghall 3-70

What should I be focusing on? I was thinking of maxing Thorne as he hits so much harder than before, and the dearth of maxed 5* on my team. I’ve been waiting patiently for Magni for so long but he’s thus far evaded both of my TC20’s and HA10.

Any advice for shuffling my defense team is also appreciated. I don’t have a 5* healer, and I usually hang around 2450-2600 trophies.

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Wait and see if you can get any 5* costume next week. If you get any max this hero.

I would get up any Hotm up to 3.70 and probably do him for diversity…Ranvir?

I like Richard better as his atk down protects your heroes…but see if you can get any costume.

My feeling was that Zimkitha is better at flank than on wing…but

…it already worked for you so keep it.


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