Helping assess my bloated 5* roster

Hi all,

I’ve been playing for just over a year and I’ve spent on this game. More than I initially set out to, but an amount I was happy with. And, thankfully, I’ve been hugely lucky with my pulls.

I’m now going C2P (I will keep VIP and Valor Pass) as I have more than enough heroes to keep me projecting for quite some time and I need to take stock of my roster and help myself prioritise - but as you (yes, you!) are an excellent judge of characters, I’m writing here to get other ideas, options and opinions.

Let me know if you’d rather see pics and I’ll swap out the list of text.

Current Maxed 5*

  • Kingston +2
  • Seshat +14
  • Heimdall +7
  • Mitsuko +6
  • Guin +2
  • Vela +13
  • Tyr +7

Currently Ascending

  • GM (4/60)
  • Arthur (4/67)
  • Alfrike (4/40)
  • Zeline (4/42)
  • Sif (4/68)
  • White Rabbit (4/10) (currently using him to feed 1* food until it becomes too much)

All other at 1/1 unless mentioned


  • Rumplestiltskin (3/70)
  • Misandra (3/70)
  • Miki (3/70)
  • Skadi
  • Fenrir
  • Raffalle
  • Thorne
  • Isarnia (C)
  • Magni
  • Richard (C)


  • JF (3/70)
  • Elena (C) (2/60)
  • Captain Kestral (2/60)
  • Noor
  • Azlar
  • Khagan
  • Marjana
  • Black Knight


  • Telluria (3/70) (I riled against GTV and becoming part of it and took Zeline up instead)
  • Lianna (3/70)
  • Ratatoskr
  • Zocc
  • Margaret
  • Elkanon (C)
  • Kaidlen
  • Horghall
  • Lady of the Lake


  • Malosi (3/70)
  • Norns
  • G Gazelle
  • G Owl
  • Delilah
  • Drake
  • Inari
  • Neith
  • Leonadis
  • Justice
  • Rana


  • Kage (3/70)
  • Clarissa (3/70)
  • Grimble
  • Thoth
  • Obakan
  • Domita
  • Sartana (C)
  • Ursena
  • Quintus (C)
  • Killhare (2/60)
  • Kunchen (2/60)

Mats-wise I have:

  • 16 Darts
  • 8 Rings
  • 10 Scopes
  • 7 Tonics
  • 10 Tabards

Based on this, as it stands, my next projects will be:

  • Drake & Gazelle
  • BK.
  • Rumple.
  • Telly - I’ve been cutting off my nose to spite my face
  • Ursena - who has just leapt into 1st place ahead of Sartana, Kunch or Kage.

I know I have a proper first world problem here. I only have 1 5 star healer levelled but could do Delilah or Raff or LOTL.

Any nice ideas for future defence teams would be welcome, or indeed different priority for next ascensions.

My current defence team is:

Seshat | Mits | Heimdall | Vela | Tyr

This tends to keep me in Diamond around the 2500 range.

I don’t want to do GTV, I want to have (and provide) fun or something different so long-term I was thinking something like

Zeline | BK | Ursena | Drake | Arthur

Or even something like

Arthur | BK | Ursena | Guin | Seshat

Thoughts, feedback all welcome. Thank you for making it this far.

I’d definitelly do Miki before Rumple…
… and, as long as you don’t want to join GTV, LotL before the green plague…



if you really are going c2p (i encourage you to go f2p; game gets more fun that way and i see you are a planner and want to go long run :slight_smile: )
best strategy is to think the fastest way to get your heroes up

    1. meaning to get the AMs for them
    1. a. you can do that fastest by killing titans (big ones is a plus)
    1. a. 1. for that you gotta get your titan teams setup
    1. a. 1. a. for that you gotta start reading/asking help on that
    1. meaning have the “food” for them; both ham and heroes
    1. a. upgrading the buildings in the right order (planning what is needed)
    1. a. 1. for that you gotta start reading/asking help on that

ofcourse in the process do the team you feel you like best

personal preference is: vfast team with at least level mana 24 troops; and yeah troops are a big factor in defense.

hope i helped and hope i see you on around a year from now, two, three etc :slight_smile:


Thanks both.

We’re currently hitting 8/9* titans in my alliance so Miki does OK. I also seem to get enough decent mats to keep me ticking over.

I agree with you @Ian487 , I was so excited to pull LOTL and was going to level her but then Telluria appeared etc etc. This ties in well with what @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS and the FTP movement means. Life was definitely more exciting at the start when I was FTP; genuine excitement when pulling a 5*, and actually, it was Seshat as a HOTM bonus pull that kept me playing. Not sure why the paying started, but then the collector in me came out and, well, the above is testament to what happened.

I’ve done so much research, and want to keep the game fresh and fun so I do hope to still be around in years! @NotEye helped by bringing me into the alliance i’m in which made it much more fun. Love the community here, it’s what keeps me coming back.

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My pleasure. I would hate to see this game crumble. :wink:

Erm, he’s winding you up. Check a few others of that poster’s contributions.

Thanks, I know he was hence my wink :slight_smile:

Aha, didn’t look close enough, thought it was just a smile. And I see he winked too. Maybe I shouldn’t post so near bedtime!

Always a danger. Yes, only good hearted banter here! Sleep well!