Almost 2 years in the game, need advice on what to do next

So, I’ve been playing (C2P) since December 2017 and here’s my current roster:

I’ll do a few pulls by the end of the year but in the case I would not be particularly lucky, what would you do in my shoes with the heroes I currently have?

Regarding 5*, here are my thoughts, feel free to disagree:

Green: Given that I don’t have other options for the moment & that Zeline or Evelyn are unlikely to land on my list, I’m ok with ascending Elkanen when I’ll have the tonics.

Red: Grazul seems the obvious choice for now.

Blue: Not sure if Isarnia, Thorne or a second Richard would be a significant improvement for my roster. I think I want to wait for a fast sniper (TC20 won’t give me Magni so far but I keep hoping)

Yellow: Given that I already have Delilah & Joon, I would be tempted to go with Leo over Vivica.

Purple: I don’t have a 5* dispeller so I’m leaning towards Domitia.

My current defense team is: Kingston, Mitsuko, Kunchen, Richard, Joon. Do you see a path for improvement with this roster?

4*: I’ll ascend a third Proteus for sure. After that, would it be efficient to go for duplicates Boldtusk, Wilbur, Grimm, Melendor?

Thank you in advance for your input.

I agree with most of your plans. This is what I’d do:

Green: wait until you have 10+ tonics
Red: Grazul (nice healer)
Blue: Isarnia (she’s way underrated, she is fantastic for events and titans)
Yellow: Leo (he will bring something new to your roster)
Purple: Domitia (yes, there are better heroes than her, but she is pretty decent)

On defence, you can go with Kingston-Mutsuko-Kunchen-Isarnia-Joon. Isarnia will be a slight improvement to Richard - he’s only good in the tank position on defence.

When it comes to duplicates, I’d max a 3rd Proteus and 2nd Boldtusk. Not sure about the others. Maybe only if you have a lot of mats, big roster space and no other projects to work on.

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