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Just wondering where to go for my future projects. At the moment I’m just kind of messing around in leveling 3* and 4* waiting for a “drop everything” to go after. I’m 100% FTP, but have enough or nearly enough mats to do at least two 5* in each color and a significant number of emblems, especially in paladin and cleric. I generally hang in the 2450-2650 range, occasionally getting up to top-500 if I’m on a run. I do pretty much everything the game has to offer. I don’t have Hero Academy maxed yet but I’m working on it with priority to start trading in my never-going-to-max TC20 heroes.

Current defense team (also accepting tips here)
Zimkitha - Sartana - Mitsuko - Lianna - Joon

Current Roster:

Mitsuko +9
Zimkitha +8
Marjana +7
Boldtusk-c +10
Baldur 3-70
Kong 3-70
Azlar 2-60
Elena 2-60
[various 4* maxed]

Lianna +10
Caedmon +6
Elkanen 3-70
Kadilen 3-7
Horghall 2-60
[various 4* maxed]

Isarnia +5
Grimm +8
Kiril +4
Triton +4
Thorne 3-70
Richard 2-60
[various 4* maxed]

Joon +9
Malosi +7
Ranvir +6
Leoniads +3
Gretel +6
Justice 3-70
Roc 3-70
Wu Kong x 2
[various 4* maxed]

Sartana +5
Rigard +7
Tiburtus-c +5
Gafar +4
Domitia 3-70
Sartana 3-70
[various 4* maxed]

Assuming you have maxed Wilbur and/or Falcon, Kong would be of great use to your attacking team against Telly in raids and wars.

I’d hold on to the tonics unless you get better nature legendaries or the costume/s of Elk and/or Kad (the costume bonus for either the twins greatly improve them significantly).

I’d hold on to the scopes unless you get better ice legendaries or the costume of Richard.

I’d ascend Roc since you don’t have Rana. Among the yellows, those from the SandEmpire are the only ones dealing DOTs (unless I forgot someone from costume rares or from S3). Roc also cleanses all allies.

IMHO, either holding the tabards still or ascend a second fast Sartana or first average Domitia. Domitia offers more utility though and shines more when you have her costume maxed too.

My 2 cents.

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thanks - unfortunately i don’t have either Wilbur or Falcon (not for lack of trying). I usually run BT-Mitsuko-Zimkitha-Marjana-Ranvir against Telly. 6-8 tiles is usually all it takes. I maxed Zimkitha before the Kong buff, otherwise I’d definitely have done him, but what are you going to do?

my thoughts as well. It took me a LONG time to get Lianna in the first place. Now that I have two I don’t fear taking on blue tanks anymore.

Also thought he might be a good idea, he has very good stats and I could replace Leonidas in my yellow stack, only hangup is he’s a barbarian and I already have a pileup of barbarians.

Max another cleanser in Kong. You can’t have too much cleanser in your roster. Other than cleansing, Kong offers massive AOE damage against all enemy, and much so if Zim fires her skills first since she buffs attack. I would love to have both of them but Zim evaded me when she was the HOTM and when featured in Atlantis. I think I won’t be able to get her anymore now that she’s only available in Hero Academy and in TOL. As for Kong, he is the only guardian I lack in Teltoc, the event which blessed me several good heroes. I also fear I might not get the gorilla since I won’t be summoning much anymore in Teltoc.

fair - I don’t get enough “worthwhile” 5* that I need to be looking at “what could have been”, but then that’s why I have two sets of rings. I have a second Marjana at 1-1 but I’d rather have Kong I think. Seems like he’s effective in all phases other than defense, and would be a good replacement for Mitsuko on titans.

Well, your best bet is to get Wilbur. He will be a huge help on your red team with Kong in it. I have my third Wilbur and third Falcon both standing by at 3/60.

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