Rogue emblems help needed


Hello guys. Today, after 1.5 years I finally pulled Marjana from TC20 and she will certainly replace QoH on my deffence. I am just thinking if I should sacrifice one or two jackals (one is +19 full attack path and I use him with my mono yellow stack with Rabbit, Joon and Malosi - their synergy is awesome, another is +11 def/hp path). If I undress both I would be able to get her to 15th node which is crucial for a sniper. But on the other hand I believe that it would highly impact on my titan score and my yellow stack reliability.

What would you suggest? I really like buffy heroes on my defence so I am really close to getting her to +15 and then stop there.

You won´t be able to “enjoy” Marjana on defense because you don´t control the match. Will she take part on titans and other purposes?

Answer yourself this question: If you remove emblems for Jackal and put them on Marjana. Will you re-emblem Jackal after finishing Marjana?

If the answer is yes I think you shouldn´t strip your strongest Jackal: You will spend tons of resources, gems or emblem reset items just to rush Marjana.

Yes, you are right. That’s why it’s a difficult call. I just do not like how weak teams have no problem with taking me down on war. It is mostly because of LoTL but passive hero with average mana like QoH does not help.

I love my jackal with 19 nodes. I will maybe undress the weaker one and put the emblems that I have on Marjana. The problem with Rogue path is that it requries tones of emblems and Marjana would be so much more impactful with decent dmg as there are so many attack nodes.