Rogue Emblems.... Who is worthy of them?

Okay, question. Who do you guys think should get my rogue emblems on my main and alt?


For my main, my only rogues that need emblems are Danzaburo and Kelile. Who should get them out of those two?


My only rogues as of right now are Layla, Dawa, and Scarlett. Scarlett’s leveling is a bit on hold atm because I am still leveling BT as my main red. Dawa in all honesty I am keeping for tile damage in holy stacking against Titans and the like atm. Until I get a 4 star holy. Watch, when I least expect it, the alt is gonna get Wu Kong before my main. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Thoughts everyone?

I vote for Scarlett for your alt. I have a Scarlett +5, and the Rogue skill comes in pretty handy in Wars/Raids. Scarlett is very frail, so she needs all the help she can get :wink: And besides… Dawa just isn’t very useful, and once you get some better Yellows, you will quickly shelve her. And she can contribute her tile damage even if she gets hit. More so poor 2* Layla, you won’t be using her for much longer.

I don’t have either Danza or Kelile, so no comment on that one.


Definitely not Danzaburo :slight_smile:

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@Aunty_Krauser, Scarlett and Jackal got mine. Scarlett hits like a linebacker, plus that -34% attack for 6 turns really helps keep your team alive. Giving her dodge has helped her squishiness quite a bit.

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I would say play with Danza and Kelile for a while and decide who you like. Personally I’m not a big fan of Danza, he only comes out in war and sometimes not even then. His 2 good skills are 5* but that freeze… By the time it wears off the battle’s over. Kelile hit hard at the 4* level, she’s a little fragile but emblems and dodge can really help with that.